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Empathy – The paradox and the philosophy

Despite various differences, there is one common thread that connects all of the human beings. We, most of us, feel pain, joy, and a multitude of other emotions in a certain way. There is an understanding of how it feels under some known circumstances. But do we all feel the same way? A gunshot kills some. Simultaneously, the death comforts some. Do we all feel emotions the same way? The ability to feel what others feel is empathy and its depth is not as simple as its definition. Let’s see how complex it is. Empathy – The paradox Can you feel what others feel? If yes, how precisely do you know what they feel? If no, how do you know your feelings are not identical to the other one’s without feeling it? This philosophical paradox on empathy is centuries old and the answer i...

Nostradamus: The Hazy History of a Historical Foreteller

Knowing the already known things can become difficult at times while there remain a number of unknown things that are yet to be known or cannot be known forever. The future is one such entity that needs to occur if need to be known, while it cannot remain unknown forever. Many believed that by knowing the past and by calculating the positions of the planets relative to earth, the unknown things that are yet to happen in the future can be known with a degree of certainty. Nonetheless, the certainty is not so profound that predicting the future has been mostly considered impossible by logical minds. Anyhow, history gives us one exception, but not without any criticisms. Nostradamus. Michel de Nostradame, born in France during the 16th century as one among the nine children of his parents, is...

Can Wisdom Become Obsolete?

Wisdom is a confusing concept even to Socrates, one of the wisest men who lived on earth in classical Greece. We have heard many saying that wisdom is preferred over knowledge for better action and living. Finally what is wisdom all about? Can it be attained by being a diligent hard working student in school or university? The following incident is taken from Plato’s Apology, which reports that Socrates and his friend went to an oracle at Delphi, one of the modern towns in Greece. The friend asked the oracle if there is anyone who is wiser than Socrates; the oracle replied negative saying that Socrates is the wisest human being of all. Socrates was surprised at the answer as he thought many of his fellow countrymen claim themselves to be wise and have the knowledge and skills to justify th...

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