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Liberating Lust

The astute diplomacy of human brain has helped its kind to cross various levels in the timeline of human history. It all started from the flint stone and been carried across cloud computing to reach a stage which even Google cannot search. Man always wanted to be free no matter whether he is error prone or not. He started building his own Universe and hence we have countless entities in the template at present. Henceforth any community has within itself ‘Wars of the Worlds’. Being forgotten himself as a part of the system, man considers himself as an ideal system. He has no limitations, no restrictions, no nomothetic and nomenclature. Alone he is the truth in his system.

An ideal (he calls himself) self-propelled thought process mechanism has all its freedom of choice for its cognitive as well as carnal pleasures. Without knowing the consequences he liberated economy, democracy, warfare etc. which is also a part of so many other ideal systems which falls in the interface region. Having the company of his fellow ideal systems in facing those consequences, he gives his least thoughts to it. Remember, he alone is the truth in his system and so is his sensual pleasures and its liberation. So he coined the concept of weekend at the end of weekdays. He uses variety of communication devices, search engines, automobiles, costume ,anything and everything for optimised results and also for his worldly passions. Considering himself alone important in his system his carnal appetite needs to be satisfied with variety too. If not, there will be a war within his own system which no peace loving intellectual being will prefer to. As a peace making treaty he liberated his senses too.

Now answering whether Street Banking should be legalised, the question seems to be hazy. If you think being lascivious is a tool for preventing a war within your system there is no decree needed, provided considering the ’Personal Service Provider’ as an individual ideal system like that of yours. ‘Liberate your lust’ with equal respect to your one day cohabitant.

Man is a social beast. Liberalisation of so many factors has forced him to consider himself as a separate independent system which cannot be a true fact. No one alone can face a war or be in peace but only along with the rest of his species.

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