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The Indirect US Presidential Poll


The battlegrounds of the U.S. Presidential elections are feeling the heat. Different channels and forums bring some nine to twelve swing states in this election. There were eleven swing states in the 2004 poll, six in 2008, where the Democrats and Republicans play their political tricks to allure people thereby to take a safe passage to the White House.

Ohio and Florida are considered to be the top two swing states this time. Nobody can be sure about the winning team; nor the voters. Both the parties explore different target specified strategies, which involves their relationships with few other countries, in different swing states.

One such strategy is The President’s move of a trade complaint against China’s export subsidies on cars in the W.T.O. few days before the polls, which tells you the background of Ohio being placed better in the swing states list.

On the other hand, ’The Capital City of Israel’ issue backs up Florida. Its fewer Jewish votes may become priceless if there is a tie in the other swinging states. Backed by Netanyahu, Mitt Romney may make very well the use of the fund raised to get Florida’s 29 electoral Votes, which is almost a must for the Republicans to make it to the White House.

The President’s policies towards the Middle East also determine his probability of being elected again.  The President’s feeble move against China in the W.T.O. under his campaigning banner in Ohio cannot have a drastic change in China’s growth. But it may also be taken as a first basic step against the fast growing China. This year, US have already filed two cases against China. Ohio’s car parts manufacturers are deeply hit by the Chinese exporter’s subsidies. Now, the resolution through W.T.O. move against China could be a temporary political tactics or a good will to give some breathing space to the Ohio car manufacturers without causing much damage to China. In either way, it is a strategy targeting Ohio. The Republicans say that the move against China is little and late.

However, it is quite clear that the US Presidential candidates show much interest in the foreign economic support and their inter dependence rather than trying to absolve their citizen’s issues, by which the underlying principle of Democracy becomes debatable. The indirect way of electing the President seems to be fallible. In any form of democracy, the magnitude of the potential to decide the winner should be equally divided to all its subjects, which is missing. The concept of swing states makes the system more obscure. The 2010 Census reapportionment states that Florida will gain two electoral votes, giving it 29 for the 2012, 2016 and 2020 Presidential Elections. There is a fair probability of misconduct in this system of Electoral College.

The dominance of the United States over the Global Economy is having a major impact on the country’s right to elect its president as it has entwined itself with the Middle East, Asia and so on. It seems like the rest of the world elect the President for the United States and its people. Indeed, US prefer an Indirect Election.

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