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Time and semi- Democrat Obama


Addressing the UN, the President of United States admits that he will defend his citizen’s rights to call on him awful things, as he is obliged to. His speech, warning Iran seems to like have a half republican stand to it. That comes in the last, when he says that time is not unlimited for a diplomatic solution on Iran. Does that period mean the next four years or the rest of the days before his poll?

As a Democratic leader, when he takes time dimension as a limit for his foreign policy with rest of the countries, will he be able to build his dream Nation and ‘Keep it Growing’? Rather than being carried away by the current turmoil in International Politics, playing safe to keep a hope of his dream is, sticking to his fundamental ideas, which he is worried about as ‘Awful Things’.

Only way to the Iran issue is a diplomatic solution or a treaty which panoramically envisions International security, as suggested by his Indonesian counterpart. As the President of United States, he is not supposed to think of his political advantages throughout his Office, but throughout the time to come in the future.

If such a decision was taken in 1997 in Germany, which made the Iranian Trade complexities, we wouldn’t be discussing on this Iranian Issue in the U.N, but may be a different problem in accordance with the decision taken then. Decisions should not be made on such issues with a contemporary attitude but with a visionary one.

Being Coherent in the decisions and the Political Ideologies is what would give us a hope for a prosperous future. 


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