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Whose Freedom of Expression?


After the Australian born anarchist and whistle blower Julian Assange mocked the President as the one who criminalized the freedom of speech and expression than anyone else, what shape the legal proceedings against the Egyptian maker of the film, Innocence of Muslims, would take? . The charges against him will not probe the movie itself, but convicts him for some bank fraud while making the movie. Is this what Obama addressed the whole world as a case of freedom of speech and expression?

The rudely mocked image of the Prophet stoked vehement protests in nearly sixteen countries, killing a number of people, at least the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, which is one strong reason for the United States to fight against such Nakoulas. The upheaval across the globe is unnoticed.

Occupy Wall Street, the fight of U.S Citizens against Greed, Corruption and influence on the Government by Corporations is also what Obama fights against, to destroy inequality. Several leaked cables of Wiki Leaks play a major role in this protest. The leaks also told the world the evils of the Iraq and Afghan War. Weren’t the wars a greed of the then U.S. President?

The 700,000 documents from the leaked cables also put at stake the Security of the Nation, in which it is still fighting terrorism. This makes Julian Assange a moron, a law breaker, who is in the Ecuador Embassy of U.K. to avoid extradition to Sweden and then to U.S.

If extradited, would U.S. talk about Iraq, Afghanistan and the dirty politics behind it, or would it just stick to its National Security as it did in case of Nakoula? As he has the right to expression so is Assange.

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