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Diplomacy and the Red Marker


A German Social Democrat, and the former Federal Minister of Finance Peer Steinbruck, who will be challenging Angela Merkel next year, has made it clear to give enough time to Greece to come out of its long economic crisis. The German Chancellor, even though criticizing the policies of Greece, has not failed to accept her rival next year. The idea of ‘Spain out of the EU ‘as well is not endorsed.

As the German leaders have consented for diplomatic time unbound friendliness to their neighbours, the Middle East, and some other Asian economies are jumping on the bandwagon to make their best deal, while their supreme leader US is tottering with its ever debated, somewhere between the friendly and unfriendly kind of foreign policies and its efforts for temporary diplomatic solution to sustain the tough time and then dominate in the windfall attitude.

Aren’t the scenarios of US and its tale with other dependants like Iran look completely ridiculous in comparison with that of the warmth and friendliness gracing the European Union Nations? A leader representing a country literally ‘draws a red line’ on a printed out image of a bomb in front of hundreds of his counterparts; a Republican Leader competing the President of United states wanting a closer relationship with the permanent marker leader; bigotry of a simple lifestyle led leader of Iran; What could Obama’s ‘Diplomacy’ mean in the court of such leaders?

It is quite obvious that the European Union will nevertheless uncomfortably survive their economic crunch despite its current difficulties, in a mid-run. Will the U.S., whoever occupies the White House be able to strategize a ‘Diplomatic Solution’ for all its issues, to sustain its economic supremacy?

The West especially the U.S. and its president must listen and make others to the E.U.’s ‘Ode to Joy’ !

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