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The Costliest President?


The recent Presidential debate success of Romney gives a feel of the gambit mode of the President Obama’s fair performance at the debate. Now the Labor Department’s job Report for September is the cynosure for the Nov 6 Poll preceded by the October report on Nov 2. Is this a big challenge for the President, who is said to be the costliest of all 44 Presidents in the United States History?

During this year, 4 million jobs have been revived in the United States with an average 131,000 per month. But still, the jobless report of the Labor Department is expected to gain 3 of 10 points to make it to 8.4 with the last high jobless report of 8.1 in the August, says Reuters. The International Labor Organization estimates that only six of the 36 advanced economies have seen employment growth since 2007, which are Germany, Israel, Austria, Luxembourg, Malta and Poland.

Two wars incepted by the former President was well accomplished by the latter, with the one against Afghanistan alone did cost the economy a bounty USD 487.6 billion. The projected shortfall of the swing state Ohio in the FY 2012 is USD 3000 million, half of what is projected for two years. The state’s contribution to the Afghan War cost in FY 2011 is USD 5539 million. The unemployment hit Wisconsin’s need was USD 1600 million against its war share of USD 1988 million. List of the ‘More than needed contributions’ is made available by the cost of war Website

Obama cannot be completely blamed for his highest Federal Debt record, but as a silver lining there are jobs created as a sign of a steady growth. The economy was eroded away more than expected that it takes a bit much time to reconstruct ‘The American Cream’.

With the President giving a time bound statement for the Iran Nuclear program speculation, the future of the United States is depending on the payroll tax cut, which was extended by the president and on the Labor Report for the next couple of months.

Perhaps , the Head of the World Bank’s decision of bringing some broader reforms while the European and American Economy is getting weak, may have to be analysed than the Labor Report.

“It seems clear that what we’re best at and what people have the greatest passion for is to work to end poverty. The way we do that is by boosting prosperity,” Kim the World Bank Chief saying as quoted by Reuters.

Image Source: NYTimes

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