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A pro-life President


After the first debate, it is said that the Republican Candidate is getting some hold on to it, with three weeks and more than a couple of days left for the election. It looks more like a fight for power or mere winning an election rather than the voter’s ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’. There will be shifts in the favourite candidate for the President till the last day before the election, after all it is a business of politics, but the candidate’s ideologies cannot waver, lest it is his antics to win the battle for power.

With the claims for the jobless went to a record low down since one year before Obama entered the White House, as shown by the data of the Labor Department which is said to be manipulated by the Republicans to give the President an edge before the Poll, a vacillating Mitt has decided to change his mind on the ‘Anti-abortion’ issue, a long held republican stand, while his running mate asserts his party’s ‘position is unique’ in opposing the right to abort under normal circumstances. Romney did say so to win the Republican Presidential candidacy.

His remarks, on the recession hit Spanish government’s spending amidst the austerity measures undertaken by it, may echo for another week before November 6, as his attempt to gain momentum tries different issues, with an unequivocal foreign policy still missing in his agenda, except Jerusalem being the Capital of Israel. One among more of his concerns was the Olympics preparation by London, where he found some disconcerting issues.

Once a pro-life angel, suddenly becoming a moderate has nothing to say except, in fact, this is a much worse gaffe than the 47% remark. Had he incorporated his idea of ‘Right to live’ within his foreign policies, say a diplomatic solution rather than drawing a red line to restrict Iran from becoming a Nuclear power, he could have given a much more fierce challenge to Obama. In the event of Romney being elected, pressure is not only on Iran, but also on Rio de Janeiro, hosting the 2016 Olympics.

Image Source: NYTimes

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