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A probable gun solution


Ten days before Christmas, it is in deed a terrible day, not just for Connecticut and the United States but for the whole world who read the death of 20 young children, in the latest one at the Sandy Hook Elementary, of the series of civilian mass killings. But this tragedy pierces your heart as most of the victims are about to see ‘Life’ in a prosperous world that we always had promised. Is just a candle light vigil a full stop for these inhuman cruelties? We are obstinate in being taught by such tragic incidents, as these histories repeat themselves quite often in the most developed country on the planet.

Isn’t this high time for the United States to have strict legislation on Gun control, despite the fact of revenue generation? It raises a question, why the gun control laws were not debated during the recent Presidential Poll. A promising future to the country is a promise to their future leaders and future law abiding citizens. The promise cannot compromise the safety of its subjects. We are living in an extreme chaotic and threatened environment. The best promise we can make is not to let this continue.

 In the Newtown massacre, most of the victims were children, but we fail to see that the masterminds behind such incidents are youths and teen agers,  Adam Lanza, 20 in the most recent and one of the worst mass killings. The ‘Dark Knight Massacre’ gunmen, 24  was a PhD Candidate of Neuroscience who purchased 6000 rounds of ammunition online over 60 days. Self defense may need a bullet or two. The massacres dating back involves children of 11, 12, 13 years old. Are we justifying the promise we make?

Remember HSBC money laundering came to light since the transaction involved an abnormally huge amount of money. A legislation on the limited purchasing power of ammunition per individual over a period of time could have saved a lot of lives. Isn’t it?

Of course, its not just the legislation, but more need to be studied. It has two components, both have to do with emotions. One, what makes young people to decide killing others within minutes. May be the emotional disturbances and the consequences associated with them. James Holmes cited himself as ‘The Joker’, the villain of the second of the trilogy of ‘The Dark Knight’. Adam Lanza is said to be enjoying soccer, skateboarding etc. The need to understand the youth demographics is inevitable.Two, Laws are meant not just to punish after committing a crime, but to reduce the probability of occurrence of crimes as a result of the complex decision making of individuals in a state of emotional turmoil.

Harmony is the promise and a theory but only in black and whites because the facts are devastating and runs as an anti thesis to the theory. Albert Einstein once said, if your facts don’t support your theory then change the facts.


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