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Good, bad and the ugly

One of the Pew poll states that 8 out of 10 Americans want White House to entangle less in foreign affairs and to bolster the tattering economy which goes very well with the thoughts of their President, which in turn resulted in a United States with one of its lowest defense budgets in a time of unending threats posed by the Syrian crisis, Israel Palestinian conflict, nuclear Iran and North Korean satellites. Chuck Hagel faced a tough time in his confirmation hearing from the Republicans especially in the areas of their relationship with Israel and preventing Iran from a nuclear power.

Any US action making the Assad regime supported by Tehran survive, would draw ire from their strong ally Israel which carried out a Jet strike on Syria a week before, fortunately with no repercussions so far but urged by the Syrian rebels and opposition parties. So far the story has been good except the lost lives of 60,000 Syrians, but the prospect doesn’t look good with the procrastination of UN, US, Syrian rebels and Russian talks. The bad story is the Welfare organizations not being funded with the promised $1.5 billion which will aid the Syrian refugees.  With the global powers having no idea where to go from here, it is the Syrian people who suffer, a fact which Assad seems not to be concerned about.

The ugliest of all the happenings is the deterring relationship between US and Russia, who take the exact opposite poles in the matter of Syria. History says that the Cold war is over but forgot to tell us that this seems to be a much colder war, than the previous ended chapter. Both White house and Kremlin keep on taking measures to show their in-between hostility to the rest of the world. Any promising Syrian diplomatic solution can be arrived only when these two super powers forget their hatred for the other.

John Kerry’s urge on arming the Syrian rebels would increase the tension with Russia, who is reluctant about Assad’s power in the future of Syria. Going against Assad would be welcomed by Israel, in turn flare up Tehran under Economic sanctions, which will obscure the future of together Israel and the rest of the Middle East. This means putting an end to the power of Assad as a dictator but to share powers with his rebels and opposition parties in coalition. It should be made clear that the government together echo the voice of the common Syrian man, with Assad as the leader, as it could appease Russia. 

Of course these are what a Syrian would hope to happen, but the scenario is becoming hazier every day, especially with the US and Russia apart. We need a real climax for the cold war. US being indispensable, doesn’t need to entangle itself by using armed forces, but could be able to bring together the UN, Russia, the Syrian parties and Netanyahu as well, as his position is pivotal too. 

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