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Religious Intolerance And Its Political Will

Intolerance- The Buzz Word

Religious Intolerance has become a buzzword in the Indian political scenario following the attacks on the minority Indians.

The Indian intelligentsia has protested against these untoward incidents and the attitude of the ruling central government by handing back their awards bestowed by the state recognizing their achievements.

They argue that intolerance is among the religious majority of the country towards the behaviour and attitude of the minority people, and the ruling government is very much tolerant towards the violent behaviour of the people attacking the minorities.

What are they really protesting against? Is it the government or the intolerant attitude of a few communal forces?

As the elite stardom of the country, they have the moral responsibility to protest against the behaviour of the few people who harm the minorities. Had they decided to do so, return of the awards should have happened a long before, but not just right at this moment only to establish a sense of fear and chaos in the country.

In fact, the minorities have always been under attack by a few communal forces, irrespective of the ideological belief of the ruling government. This happens anywhere in the world.

How Justified is the Protest Against Intolerance?

On February 11, 2014, a story published by Indian Express says that the US Commission for International Religious Freedom has received reports that attacks against the minorities have considerably gone up in India during the past year.

Indian masses get to read these kinds of stories very frequently, but not just during the BJP regime. Thus, the recent protest against Intolerance is not justified as it would be if against the attitude of the few communal forces but turns out clearly to be a political drama, because of its temporal significance.

In doing so, these patriotic elites forget the fact that the political stability of the country is at stake, as it creates unnecessary tension.

Communal violence and corruption are the two backlashes the two major parties of the country are closely perceived with. These two venoms are used as ammunitions by the parties against one another.

It is now the turn of Congress party to use its weapon against the ruling BJP government, as Corruption and the related scams and scandals used to be the firearm of the BJP party against the ruling Congress party then. 

The role of the opposition party is to scrutinize the policies of the government in the right light and serve a common cause.

But this political stunt of intolerance is creating more fear among the minorities and the saddest part is the intelligentsia of the country becoming a part of this political entanglement and thus a pseudo-intelligentsia.

The Intelligent and the Wise

A wise secular common man is the one who becomes a victim irrespective of the faith he believes in. What he must understand is that there is both good and bad in every religion.

Neither everyone having his faith is an angel nor is everyone with a different faith a demon. You don’t have to be intelligent to understand this simple truth, which is being overshadowed by the irrationality of the pseudo-intellects.

Arguing the essence of modernization, they are taking us centuries back, where the bourgeoisie used aberrant ideas to rule over the proletariat.

The arguments above do not exculpate the ruling government as attacks on minority communities had always happened but exhort them their responsibility to secure all classes of people from all walks of life and give them the right to live a prosperous life.

It is the only way the ideology of intolerance can be proven wrong.  Intolerance has been made a political tool and is being handled dastardly for political gains with no moral values. It usurps the evil communal forces to play their role and claim the composure of our civilization.

The intelligent community may do such a despicable act, but the wise won’t.

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