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Sustainable Food, Technology and Laboratory Meat

Mother earth has nourished generations of lives with care enabling species to thrive and reach more milestones with complicated ideas and innovation, way forward from where it all began.

The human race still continues to enlive its successful run that seems to be at the behest of the Mother Nature that has nursed the animal kingdom with all endeared regards.

We have grown in all dimensions. World population has risen; our needs and demands have gone up; our finesse for perfection has become more sophisticated.

With these growing demands, our speculation about nature’s ability to nourish us in a sustainable manner has started surfacing up and the result is the concept of sustainable food.

Production of food until its consumption that is, from farm to the table, involves a lot of processes that can have an impact on the environment, animals and the community we live in. In fact, it has an impact on everything around us from fossil fuels to climate change.

As we are gearing up to feed 9 billion people, the process through which food is produced and consumed should be healthy both to our lives and the earth that we live in. It is very important to maintain the vital nourishing power of earth so that it can let the future generation thrive for all the years to come. 

The nourishing power of earth is a complex phenomenon. There are a lot of drivers including soil microbes, pollinators and many other micro-organisms and plants that makes it possible for the food crops to grow.

This is regarding the vegan diet. When it comes to meat eaters, the demand for meat has never gone down, but conversely has been on a rise.

Killing more animals every year would have a deadly impact on our biodiversity, which is very essential for the longevity of our planet earth.

May it be vegan or non-vegan, we have been exploring methods to raise the supply and meet our demands in a manner that does not affect the future life on earth.

The idea of sustainable food involves purchasing and consumption of food that is healthy and is not harmful to the environment. In short, consume food that does not harm anyone on the planet from the microbes to the farmers that grew the crops.

Going further ahead, it also the consumption of food that has paid the farmers a fair wage and has been grown in the community nearby.

The irony is, a decade ago, globalization was hailed for its equal opportunity that anyone in any corner of the world gets anything he wanted.

Ideologically, the concept of sustainable food would roll back the widespread idea of globalization. 

The laboratory meat  Thus, our innovation has grown far ahead to create food including meat in laboratories. World’s top notch entrepreneurs are pouring funds in the projects aimed at creating alternatives to livestock meat.

Sergey Brin, Co-founder, Google is interested in creating burgers in the laboratories and meat from fetal serum and stem cells.  

Bill Gates has invested in a start-up that creates a substitute for egg from plant-based proteins.

Take a deep breath. Once again technology has come to our rescue.

Animals slaughtered worldwide [Image:][/caption]Do you think they are really missing the crux of the issue? Manmade fertilizers have already done enough damage to our farming lands.

How exactly do we expect a man-made synthetic food to solve our problems?  The major reason that we are thinking of sustainable food concept is due to industrialization, pollution and every other dire consequences that are man-made.

The best option is to think of empowering nature again to nourish us in its own way and not another man-made synthetic that will be exploited by corporate greed.

No laboratory technology can feed and nourish us better than the nature. Beter agricultural methods are acceptable, but not genetically engineered organisms. 

It has selflessly offered everything to us and we robbed it for our well being heedless of what lies ahead for the future generation. It has offered everything to us and it is high time we give it back to it, not for its sake but for the sake of our great-grandchildren. 

By resorting to technology we are moving further towards the oblivion and not definitely towards a new horizon.

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