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The Alt Right And The Donald Trump

In the past week, there has been a lot of buzz around the term ‘alt-right’, which has been existing in the lexicon since November 2008 when Paul Gottfried spoke the word, but as a fringe group ever since there was the idea of white supremacy.

Many leading web portals including Wikipedia, and the Associated Press, do not attribute any given set of characteristics or ideologies to the alt-right group.

But it is not so tough for a common man to perceive what it stands for, when the usage of the word on internet became so prevalent after Donald Trump and his campaign that all of a sudden started showing mercy towards African Americans. 

Alt-right is not what Donald Trump stands for. Alt-right is something worse than what Donald Trump stands for. Which also doesn’t mean that Donald Trump is not representing the alt-right. 

Lets talk something more about the background of alt-right movement before coming to the phenomenal Trump and his alt-rightism.  Identitarian movement was started as a French far-right youth movement in 2002 that shows grisly antipathy toward immigration.

The alt-right movement is the American version of European identitarianism, which seeks sanguinity and privilege in one’s identity. The man who is attributed with the modern day usage of alt-right, Richard B.Spencer – the founder of Alternative Right website and the president of National Policy Institute, a Virginia-based white nationalist think tank- describes himself as an identitarian. 

Richard became the president of NPI after its chairman Louis R. Andrews died in 2011.

Andrews voted for Obama in 2008 so that the Republican Party can be defeated and be renovated with white supremacist ideologies, as reported by MSNBC. 

Thus, the attempt to undermine Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party and infuse it with vengeful ideas of hatred under the leadership of Trump is very evident.

Alt-right is a venomous movement that is trying to break the very fabric of what is binding us together, despite the tangible differences.  The mercy shown by Trump’s campaign towards the African Americans is not something that anyone from staunch alt-rightism would support.

But they may or may not have understood that Donald Trump is hiding his malevolent characteristics of alt-rightism for the time being so that he can come to power and later on would extend his malicious tentacles targeting the minorities of the American society, with the hallmark ideologies of alt-rightism such as racism, anti-feminism, anti-semitism, fascism and all other evil-isms remaining intact in his blood and in his administration, if he enters the white-house.

The sudden appearance of the term alt-right is the first indicator that a Hitler-like dictator is awaiting his opportunity knocking at his doors. 

Thus, what is at stake is not just the future of African Americans, Latinos and Hispanics, but the entire liberal ideology that believes all human race is one and are to be treated equal. 

This insurgence of alt-rightism in the Republican party is the reason why Paul Ryan agrees to endorse Trump as its nominee that he wants his party clean once it loses the national polls in 2016. 

On the other hand, the spiteful alt-right movement will try every trick up its sleeves to appear normal to the normal ones – as opposed to the white nationalists and white supremacists- and take power in Washington. 

It is quite unfortunate that such misfortunes happen in a land built by immigrants of various color, race and religion; a land in which leaders that championed governments ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ once lived. 

This November, the Republican Party will get back to its founding principles, with no far-right ideologies. This may create another third party that will soon perish from the Earth. 

Image Source: Newyorker

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