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Hillary’s Pneumonia & Trump’s Other Conspiracy Theories

A recent research suggests that when you have a lot of information about the world you live in and about its politics, but do not trust the politicians and the system they are in, you tend to end up endorsing conspiracy theories.

That sounds perfect for the conservatives especially during the last 8 years after Obama became the first African-American president of the United States.

Once he set his foot on the Oval Office, the conservative minds distrusting Obama administration started gathering too much information, and eventually became the breeding ground of many conspiracy theories.

Now the latest among them is Hillary’s pneumonia and the reason the Republicans would love to cite is President Obama. Yes, if it is logical then it is not Republican. 

During an era in which technology is taking us beyond what seemed impossible yesterday, conservatives with the help of Trump have brought two of the most disgusting concepts into mainstream politics and sadly to the minds of many in the US.

Hatred and belief in unimaginable conspiracy theories. All one can hope is, it is the false propaganda of Trump that is creating his followers.

If it is the other way as Paul Krugman said during his interview to Bloomberg TV that it is the racial antagonism that drives Trump’s supporters, then the US is not showing a great example to the rest of the world about democracy. 

Before we take a look at some of the ugliest theories from the crooked brain inside the messy haired head, a few words on Hillary’s health conspiracy.

Somehow, Trump supporters believe that presidential job is not as easy or funny as Trump looks during his campaign rallies and it takes a lot of stress to deal with Putin, despite him being Trump’s favorite world leader. Other than Putin, some less serious things include Mexican wall, ISIS, China, etc.

To deal with these matters the presidential candidate needs a strong heart and well being.  Trump, despite accusing Clinton unfit to be the president, refuses to disclose his health records- and also his tax returns is a different saga. This can happen for two reasons.

Either, Trump knows his health records don’t matter because he is not going to make it to the White House this November or he doesn’t need to have a healthy heart, brain, kidney, a long middle finger or any other body part, because he just never thinks.

He just vomits words that are not processed by his healthy brain, if he has one. Just because he is disrespecting the decorum of the position he is vying for, he cannot become a better fit. 

Back to the conservative conspiracy theories, when Obama stuck to delivering his platform promises, the conservatives didn’t have anything substantial other than resorting to some weird conspiracy theories.

The hidden purpose of these theories is to show their ignorance to this world. 

Following their footsteps, Trump is using the fear of Americans as a tool to disseminate the stupidity that he has earned so far in his life to become the incumbent of the highest held position on the planet in November.

If he wins, it is going to be a disgrace for the US and disaster for the rest of the world. 

Here are two of the many Trump’s conspiracy theories that he crafted to spread hatred. Everything cannot be included as it would run endless.

Obama is a Muslim, secretly. And he was born in Kenya.

Does that matter as long as he delivers as a president? His record is exceptional as a president and importantly, he didn’t go on a holy pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

This theory portraying Barack as a Muslim inherently believes that all Muslims are bloodthirsty and despicable. At least Trump’s campaign believed it in the beginning but later it stopped partially. 

It is not that there are bad Muslims. But the job of the president is to wipe the bad ones out.

If Trump says Obama goes lenient with extremists, he must be remembered operation Neptune-spear that killed Osama in Abbottabad. Keep the extremists out not the entire Muslim community. Trump got to this point very late when he thought he is losing. 

When the polls suggested he is lagging Hillary, he softened his tone and proposed to ban Muslims from the countries with a terrorism record. All of a sudden he started liking some of the Muslim population.

If Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya- which is another of his conspiracy theory- Trump must say his opinion about Kenya and its terrorism records. Has he called Obama a terrorist, yet? We have got two more months to know the answer. 

By the time this post was written, he had retracted on one of his five year old conspiracy theories that president Obama was not born in the United States and accused Clinton of starting this birther claim.

Christians are banned from entering into the US

Persecution of Christians in the US. How otherworldly does that sound? But he told this to the Iowa National Security Action Summit in 2015.

He added ‘When I heard that, I couldn’t believe it’. Exactly Mr. Trump, even we couldn’t believe either. He makes Christians look easily vulnerable to falsified facts. No christian who believes in Christ would resort to hatred. 

By making false propaganda with information fabricated in his head, he creates a sense of hatred among Christians and antagonizes them against minority communities.

He is setting a bad example of Christianity while claiming himself to be a strong Christian and while pretending to cleanse another misrepresented religion. Despite all his evil attitudes, his support is a worry for humanity. 

After almost two stellar terms by Obama, had Trump run his campaign on some positive platforms, it would have been a healthy sign that our world is going in the right direction. Taking forward the legacy of Obama is important at this juncture.

With Trump’s tactics of hatred and fear, only things can go bad, real bad even if he loses in November. The fear and hatred he fabricates don’t exist and are not real threats, but its consequences really are. May God bless the United States of America!

Image Source: NYTimes

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