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Assange And His Senseless Ethics

Wikileaks is well known for its commitment to uphold truth as it strongly believes that people have the right to know the verity that are hidden by authoritarian states and their crafty politicians.

The crusader against these authoritarian regimes, Assange, treated almost synonymous with the website itself, is a man of iron will who strongly opposes the secrecy of governments that claim to be the forerunners of democracy with complete transparency in policy and other political decisions.

He wants truth to be told in its naked form with no gate keeping, not even if it is outrageous or politically suicidal. 

Through every logic, exposing secretive information is to give justice to people and build an authentic, legitimate democracy where the government machine runs only for the welfare of the states and its people.

Exposing secretive information is to make governments more responsible and accountable in their function. These are the founding pillars of Wikileaks when it started in 2006. Slowly, things has started changing and it may lead the journey of the whistle-blower’s to a politically fatal end.

When a website of such noble rectitude and forthrightness becomes flawed in its founding philosophy, it becomes the original sin of free expression. 

While it may sound very much morally righteous to let the world know naked truths, it cannot always go right. But, there is no doubt that governments go much far in hiding information from the governed for their political and financial gains.

Assange stood for a good cause, without a doubt, no matter what his political philosophy is. Anyhow, there is a lot of room for speculation about his political motivation lately that he doesn’t stand anymore for the truth to triumph. 

Amidst the US Elections 2016, it is the legacy of Wikileaks that made Trump supporters await its leaked truthful information that would undermine the political veracity of the Democratic nominee Clinton.

Anyhow, what they got in return for their longing was almost nothing when Assange promised something very telling and revelational through his October Surprise that will turn the course of the US elections. As it failed, he tells them he has got more to share with a basket of deplorables. 

On the other hand, Assange shows that he is not interested in putting Clinton’s campaign on the back foot, as he has maintained a neutral stand this election cycle by saying that he felt sorry for both Clinton and Trump and they are tormented by their personal ambitions.

It is a letdown for the Trump campaign that it expected a bombshell from Wikileaks that would shatter the Clinton campaign. What caught the attention of many including Edward Snowden was the absence of any type of redaction in the leaked documents of DNC that resulted in the resignation of four officials from the party.

When Snowden tweeted about it, Assange rebuked by saying that he won’t be getting any pardon from Clinton. He is acting as a gatekeeper for the whistle-blower site this election cycle. 

Wikileaks has started showing itself as an endorser of Trump for presidency by exposing information sabotaging the Clinton campaign. As Assange promised more secret information, it released documents of Hillary speaking in favor of free trade and some banks.

Anyone who has a fair knowledge of economics would understand why free trade is not bad for a country and the partners involved in the deal.

Why is there a need to leak those speeches made by a learned woman about trade deals improving the economy of the country? Wikileaks doesn’t want to tell good things to the world.

It is based on the ideology of breaking governments, especially the Western democracies, without any strong grounds about what is true.

Any well informed intellect who knows NAFTA would understand that it didn’t bring the American economy down. It has only helped the US. It needs some modifications which are accomplished by TPP. 

Quasi-literate, pseudo-intellectual anarchists whose primary aim is to accuse governments and undermine democracies would release any documents with their personal agenda and misguide people through inaccurate information.

Last week’s leaks also included Hillary’s mishandling, as they say it, of Benghazi attacks. The intentions and circumstances have been already brought to light during the 11-hour hearing.

Why is it a secret that needs to be leaked? 

Above all, why would Assange and Wikileaks try spoil Hillary’s image and help Trump, who has openly embraced ideologies of hatred and destruction?

Does Trump represent such noble causes that Wikileaks champion for? If Wikileaks and Assange put welfare of the people above everything, why do they support a dictator-like, maleficent candidate who had shown no signs of a qualified commander-in-chief? 

Conventional wisdom would connect the dots and conclude that Wikileak’s release of documents this election cycle is an attempt to destroy America by helping Trump.

It is pretty evident that Assange wants a broken, weak America with Trump in the oval office. Both Assange and Wikileaks, are aides of anti-American forces operating Trump from outside.

America must stand together in November.

Image Source: Time

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