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Does God Play Dice?

Does God Play Dice? A metaphysical attempt to answer

The universe and its every forming being, the insignificant, the indispensable and the ones in between, are governed by a law.

A law that is characterized by everything earthly unlawful: inconsistent, uncertain, erratic, disarray and anything a fickling human mind can think of disorderliness.

All these randomness got together to form an unifying force that decides the laws governing the universe and the fate of the earthlings.  This inexplicable unified law became, in the hearts of the people who cannot perceive the imperceptible, God.

The extremely chaotic nature of this unified law or God has been perplexing the logical minds until today. Is it everything about randomness? Is there no coherent intention behind all this creation?

To our dismay, the answer is no! It is purely random. This would have been a much more meaningful life if there is a greater degree of certainty and order. Such is life! 

Randomness is inherent. May it be the laws governing the universe. Or the very nature of a tellurian. Both are homogeneous. Let’s end our expedition of physics there and explore the answer metaphysically.

Let’s stop looking at the stars up above and look within ourselves. We ‘may’ find an answer.  There is no much difference between how the universe functions and how a human mind thinks.

Equally the human mind is as chaotic as the heaven. Is there an order within ourself? Why do we seek consistency of thoughts or actions in the creator while we remain haphazardly tumultuous in our very fabric? 

We seek for a purpose while we are lost in a convoluted labyrinth built by our desires for the unknown. In our pursuit for life and happiness thereafter, we have built our thought structures extremely complicated.

Not the one same as the other. Likes, dislikes vary. So do choices and aversion. Some of our thoughts are made rationally and some others are intuition. Many remain under the unknown category. 

There doesn’t exist just a duality of good and bad but a multitudinous possibilities of emotional structures as faint as graphenes. Our behavior, not just collective but the individual ones too, have no stipulated directions. 

Your brain might feel melancholic while it rejoices. It could be exuberating invisible joy while it mourns. Don’t you know there is a distant pleasure in pain? Extremely complex. When you think, your nerve cells fire and exchange information through glia.

Millions of such exchanges happen in your body without your directive. Yet, you seem to be in control of everything while you aren’t in fact.  You control your five senses yet you act reflex when there is a need.

Dive deeper into human cognitive process and certainly it gets as or even more complex than the laws governing the universe. Cognitive dissonance, hyperbolic discounting, gambler’s fallacy etc. 

There is a lot of unknown territory within your conscience as vast as the unexplored regions in the cosmos. Both the universe and the human mind are astonishingly mysterious and unfathomable. Both are deep, vast, profound yet subtle.

There is no one, singular condition or law that governs them. But, they are both governed by a probability of many factors that remain far from our comprehension. 

The subatomic particles that make up everything around us act weird and the reason for their eccentricity is still unknown. This is quantum physics. Metaphysics doesn’t have a different opinion either.

Both point towards randomness. 

Ironically the genius who asserted ‘God doesn’t play dice’ is the one who said ‘The world we have created is a product of our thinking’. Sir Albert Einstein,undoubtedly the greatest mind of the century. 

The law that runs the universe or the god is not a craftsman who abandoned her creation. If we should question her forthrightness, we should first justify our integrity.  Our free will has gone astray.

It has unchastened our purpose. Adulterated our spirit.  Don’t explore the space. Our very true nature explains that God does play a dice. Also, it still rolls. 

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