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Top 5 Humanoid Robots in 2018

Did you know the difference between humanoid and android robots?

Androids are humanoid robots that are built to exactly look like a human being in their forms. On the contrary, not all humanoid robots are androids.

This list contains mostly androids that interact with humans in the society in their everyday lives.

The humanoid robots in 2018 do not make us cringe in fear. Although, there are killing machine robots (not necessarily androids) available that are used in war fields.

Below is a list of some of the coolest robots created in 2018.


Sophia the first robot to receive citizenship from any country. She is a social humanoid robot who can display nearly 50 facial expressions.

She was built to resemble the Brtish actress Audrey Hepburn.

She has been criticized by many members in the scientific community for not matching the standards of artificial intelligence. Yann Lecun, the Director of artificial intelligence, Facebook called Sophia a ‘complete b*******’

Hanson robotics Hong Kong-based company that developed Sophia has also developed her 7 other sibling humanoid robots.

Sofia the first robotic citizen of Saudi Arabia met with the Ukrainian Prime Minister in October 2018. She has made to the cover pages of popular fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan and Elle.

She was honored by the United Nations as the world’s first United Nation innovation champion.

Actroid F robot

This is an android robot developed by the University of Osaka, Japan. This robot can listen to human sound through microphones, process the language, and give responses through an external speaker.

Actroid F is the latest version of this robot which was introduced to the public in 2003 November at International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo.

These robots are already serving guests of Henn na Hotel in Nagasaki, Japan.

They could offer a warm smile and greet the guests, make coffees and even carry luggage in the hotel. Usage of robots could help reduce the operating costs of the hotel.


On June 25th, 2018, the Institute of Media Innovation at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore has a new member in its workforce. The receptionist robot, Nadine.

She is a socially intelligent robot who can remember past conversations and the persons whom she had met in the past using a facial recognition software.

She can change her moods to be happy or sad based on the nature of the conversation.

Nadine can soon become an administrative support in your workplace and can also become a caregiver to the elderly in the Healthcare sector, according to its developers.

Geminoid  DK

This male robot, created to appear like professor Henrik Scharfe from Aalborg University, Denmark, studies the human emotional responses when they interact with android robots.

The Geminoid series robots also has a female version Geminoid F.

These robots are developed by Hiroshi Ishiguro who is the director of Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University Japan.

Jia Jia

Considered as China’s first humanoid robot, Jia Jia can participate in a conversation and make facial expressions when required.

Internet users in China called Jia Jia as ‘Robot Goddess’ as she looks attractive. Her physical features were modeled after five women from Hefei University, China.

Her interview with Kevin Kelly, the co-founder of Wired magazine didn’t go well. While answering his questions through a Skype interview, Jia Jia didn’t perform well to impress Kevin.

She was not able to answer questions like how many letters are there in the English alphabet and where is the Great Wall located in China.

However, Jia Jia looks extremely human-like and it is almost impossible to differentiate her from a human being.

In one of her other interviews, she has told her audience that she is a robot and she is as smart as us humans.

These are some of the 5 humanoid robots that are worth watching in 2018.

Robots that are exact copies of human beings have not yet been made. However, many of us would short enough to see them interact with us very soon not in exihibitions but in our daily lives.

Image Source: The Independent. The robot in the picture is Jia Jia.

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