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3 Mysterious Disappearances in History

Yet unfortunate, it is common in this world of crowded cities for anyone to go missing and later be found. The worst cases may involve the victim be never found or may be after years climaxing a happy reunion with a melodramatic touch.

Such events are very much possible as there is the omnipresent social media that has more number of eyes than the actual human population in the world has. 

While you call it a tragedy when someone went missing, disappeared and never returned, what would you term it when there is no clue or evidence of what happened when the person went missing in broad daylight?

Maybe a mystery! Such three mysterious disappearances are being informed to you below that may get you some jitters.

The D B Cooper Skyjack!

It was a day before the 1971 Thanksgiving, a man calling himself Dan Cooper wearing a suit and sunglasses boarded a Northwest Airlines plane bound for Seattle from Portland along with 36 other passengers. He got some whiskey and lit a cigarette before passing on a note to one of the flight attendants that read ‘I have a bomb in my briefcase.

I will use it if necessary. I want you to sit next to me. You are bing hijacked’.  Cooper demanded a sum of $200K and four parachutes in return for 36 lives, who were freed when the plane landed in Seattle.

He was also sensible enough to order some food for the crew along with the ransom, as he asked the pilots to fly towards Mexico, after releasing the passengers at Seattle.

Forty-five minutes through the flight, Cooper after sending the attendant to the cockpit, latched the parachute along with the money, lowered the rear exit and jumped off, thousands of feet above the Pacific Northwest.

This is the last act the world know as Cooper did and whatever would have happened thereafter are just predictions.  A C-130, helicopter and jets were flown from the nearest air bases but only to lose Cooper in the stormy night sky. Even after an extensive search, nothing came to light. 

Nine years later a young boy Brian Ingram found three bundles of cash while digging the land near Tena Bar, which falls in the jump zone of Cooper as predicted, nevertheless nothing substantiated to unravel the mysterious disappearance. 

Forty years later Marla Cooper claiming Cooper as his uncle provided the FBI with the evidences of a guitar strap and a picture of the man named Lynn Doyle Cooper. She also remembered the incident when her uncle reached home with blood stains claimed as a car accident. She says L.D. Cooper died in 1999.

The Bitter Bierce

A civil war soldier turned writer, journalist Ambrose Bierce’s disappearance across the Mexican border is one of the most mystical even in the American literary history. As a well known writer, cynical and satirical, the author of ‘The Devil’s Dictionary’ and ‘An occurrence At The Owl Creek Bridge’ among many other literary works suffered from asthma and some major wartime wounds. 

He had to bury two of his three children and his wife died a year after their divorce. He always had a sense of condemnation for the human nature and his works have been sardonic about it.  In 1913, when he was 71, he decided to go to Mexico to experience the civil war there just like the one he fought in his younger age and meet a revolutionary general Pancho villa. From across the border, a letter came with the last line reading,

As to me, I leave here tomorrow for an unknown destination

Those words were what he had decided to leave after his legacy. There are many speculations about his disappearance and thereafter, yet nothing stood its ground.  There is a close association between his artful literary works and his final disappearance, that both are nebulous. He could have wanted to add some mystery to his end, like his beloved works. 

The MH 370

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 with 227 passengers from 15 different countries and 12 crew members left Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport on 8 March, 2014. An hour after the take-off the flight lost contact with the air traffic controllers at 01.21 MYT and was in the Malaysian military radar till 02.22 while over the Andaman sea, after which it lost contact to the earth. 

There were no distress signals or any bad weather indications from the crew before it lost contact. Malaysian Airlines announced the disappearance of the flight MH 370 and initiated rescue operations, an hour after the estimated arrival time at Beijing.  Conspiracy theories started surfacing everywhere.

A CNN poll says that one out of every 10 American believes that there is something supernatural about the missing flight like alien abduction and so forth.  There are also a lot of other conspiracy theories about the flight saying that the whole incident was an insurance scam, a US military shot-down, an Afghan plot etc. 

Out of the three incidents, the latest one can be considered the most shameful event for one good reason: We are searching life possibilities on Mars.

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