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The Omnipotent and A Smiling Naked Virus

Now is not the time to be critical of the human glory built on a foundation that is too fragile. But for sure, now is the time to ponder upon the worldviews, scientific and religious, both glorifying Homo sapiens, a member of the species that obliterated its brethren groups to claim a superiorly dominant status on this planet; an obsessive, God-like status that flaunts the power of extraterrestrial invasion and clamours how special human beings are, both on the premises of science and religion.

The revelling journey is interrupted by a naked virus that laughs at our egos while we wash our hands.

Glorification of Homo sapiens

Planet earth was home to thousands of other species that were rendered inferior to Homo sapiens and wiped out from the face of the earth. The cognitive excellence bestowed upon us by pure chance of evolution- with larger brains and social skills- encouraged the species of our kind to make choices that elevated themselves as the supreme being on the planet, exterminating the co-habitant species.

Fast forward, the birth of religions made human beings sacrosanct putting the plant at the center of the universe; the emergence of humanism argued the sapiens species is gifted with an unique ability unlike other living beings and should be the primary beneficiary of all actions and events on the planet by law.

Some religious views even go further to consider their bodies as holy temples and reject the idea of vaccines that inject external impurities into their biological system. They argue as special creatures of God, their bodies carry the divine power to heal themselves.

The living beings that were considered inferior to our abilities were either annihilated or ill-treated for rearing benefits. Our cognitive excellence created an illusion in our head that like any other living beings human species is not a complex structure of molecules, just like the novel COVID-19.

Our Unpreparedness For Catastrophic Pandemics

Despite all the staggering innovation that puts human beings at the epicenter, reports suggest that the human community is not prepared for global pandemics, until it is too late. A report titled ‘A World At Risk’ published in September 2019 by Global Preparedness Monitoring Board quotes “Countries, donors and multilateral institutions must be prepared for the worst ”. The report even warns against a “a rapidly spreading, lethal respiratory pathogen pandemic”.

COVID-19 seems to be a nemesis for the global community fastly spreading across national boundaries. SARS-COV-2, the single-stranded RNA virus, that causes COVID-19 is the new member of the Coronaviridae family along with six other members, four of them (HKU1, OC43, NL63, and 229E) that cause common cold and the other two, SARS and MERS, causing more serious illnesses.

Evolution is not unique to human beings but to viruses as well! 

Even though the virus is identified as a novel one recently 3 months before, the most common ancestor of the coronaviruses date back to 8000 BCE or even 55 million years ago, according to two different researches.

The threat posed by such pandemics to the survival of our species is underestimated by international scientific communities and political leadership.

The Smiling Virus!

What we know about us is a minuscule in the timeline of our history! Our evolutionary trait of being reckless and less empathetic to other living beings remains unchanged! The virus outbreak has made us realize our position in the universe that we are not unique and special ones! We are just another complex structure of molecules.

Our indifferent attitude towards other species in history has resulted in massacre. Channelize your energy to help evolution bring positive changes on this planet. Let us evolve beautifully; more wisely.

As the virus smiles at us while we wash our hands, let us cleanse our self-centered egos too!

Image Source: FierceBiotech

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