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Smoking Conspiracy- Treachery of Greed

The smoking conspiracy hatched by the greedy can be spine chilling if thought a little deeper.  What is done to smokers is nothing lesser than brain hacking. 

The obscured truths about the harmful impacts of tobacco on the human body should be one of the dirtiest social engineering scams ever in human history. 

When consumed in larger quantities over a prolonged period of time, the 43 known carcinogenic chemicals and 400 more toxic substances in cigarettes can cause fatal health problems. 

But, the tobacco industry has long fought to keep the proven health hazards of cigarettes away from the public.

Operation Berkshire

In the June of 1977, CEOs of the top tobacco companies met secretly in the UK to form a global network to suppress any bad press about smoking and to monitor anti-smoking campaigns that would hurt their business. Efforts were made to keep the addictive nature of nicotine under iron clad.

In 1988, as a result of the master settlement agreement, the tobacco companies in the US had to disclose 40 million pages of confidential information to the public.

The Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement was a contract signed between the tobacco companies in the US and the attorney generals of 46 states.

The agreement forced the tobacco companies to compensate the states with a portion of the treatment costs of patients suffering from diseases caused by smoking. It also disallowed tobacco companies from adopting some marketing practices.

The truth about Nicotine saw light in 2017

Tobacco manufacturers have continued to deny the addictive nature of nicotine and that it can cause serious health problems.  In April, 1994, the ‘seven dwarfs’ or the CEOs of top 7 tobacco companies in the US denied under oath that they do not manipulate the levels of nicotine in cigarettes to make it addictive.

The US District Judge Gladys Kessler, on 17th August, 2006 made a landmark ruling that the tobacco companies have conspired in manipulating public opinion about smoking and its ill impacts.

In her order, Judge Kessler also demanded the tobacco companies to run TV and newspaper ads carrying the truth about the hazards of smoking.  But the tobacco companies had the might to delay the dissemination of corrective statements for 11 years.  In 2017, a Federal Judge issued a final order to run the ads without any further delay. (United States Vs. Philip Morris). 

Lies about tobacco floated around for several years killing many and it still continues to kill. 

The story of tobacco is not over yet!

Globally, 5.5 trillion cigarettes were consumed by 1 billion smokers in 2016!

The total retail revenue of cigarettes was $683.4 billion in 2016!

Quitting smoking doesn’t happen overnight. After many futile attempts to quit smoking, habitual smokers find their ways back to cigarettes to experience a fleeting respite. 

When the most complex brain functions are dictated by chemical substances, the will power to quit smoking is hijacked by the nasty gimmicks of nicotine and its other fellow companions.

The habit of smoking sticks to the blood.  No awareness campaigns or educational programs work in favor of smokers in front of the enigmatic and unrealistic mental play orchestrated by the 4000+ chemicals in a cigarette.

Every smoker knows that cigarettes are bad for their health. But their brain doesn’t process that information. The chemical ingredients in a cigarette don’t allow it.

Annually, 6 million deaths are caused by tobacco worldwide. These are in fact, corporate caused deaths. Among the causes of preventable deaths, smoking tops the list.

For so many years, the greedy tobacco corporations has tricked their customers by manipulating nicotine levels to sustain their revenue.  In the 2017 federal order, the tobacco companies were asked to disseminate the information that smoking is difficult to quit because nicotine alters the brain functions. 

Final Words

The incorrect combination of dangerous knowledge, business acumen, and flawed ethics has erased millions of lives from earth.

And the saga continues.  When you are lighting a cigarette next, keep in mind you are a victim of a deadly conspiracy. 

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