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The Visible Enemy

President Trump called the coronavirus ‘the invisible enemy’ in one of his press briefings and may be several times tweeted on Twitter (his favorite past time activity) where he often writes his other favorite phrases:

FAKE NEWS, Drink Disinfectant, OBAMAGATE and ‘I am smart and I know it better than anyone else’. 

The virus, which was once nothing more serious than the flu according to Trump, his followers and Fox network, suddenly became a powerful enemy (invisible) to humanity as it wreaked havoc across the globe.

He termed it invisible because maybe even the smartest, all-knowing president in US history couldn’t see it with his own eyes. SAD!

Everyone on earth believes in science or an Almighty! Trump is extraterrestrial because he believes in neither of them.

He neither believes in conventional scientific knowledge nor is god fearing and that’s dangerous like the aliens we watch in movies. They are visible and are enemies to humanity. 

If you think science is not factual, then do not think god is an illusion. 

Reopening the economy is what everyone wants but not at the cost of thousands of lives.

When it becomes clear that living with the virus is the new normal, there is no other option but to open the economy for business with strict social distancing guidelines and containment measures to stop the spread of the virus; but not with the goal of getting reelected as president. 

While he should have acted decisively to stop the virus from spreading, he was finding someone to blame: China. I remember one thing now, China is another one of the visible enemies if they had hidden the facts about the virus from the external world during the initial days.

Because that’s what makes visible enemies. They look like saviors but their intentions are to ‘Live and Let Die’. 

Of course, finding about the origin of the virus is important but not when your people are dying. Finding the origin is definitely not the first step of the process while reacting to a public health emergency when the virus is raging like wildfire.

The immediate and the most important action is to save more people from dying and stop the virus from spreading.

Well, that’s not what visible enemies do. Live and Let Die.  

The combination of ignorance and arrogance is not a good trait, especially when you are a responsible leader of a nation. The very same act of ignorance and arrogance together has put the United States into grave danger.

Fear of god is not verbiage but a spiritual state of mind. Bible or any holy text is not just for reading but to act upon.

Had Trump, as a god fearing president if not a rational science enthusiast, took a stern decision to shutdown the economy and save lives, he might have had the slightest of the possibilities to get reelected. Now his chances for reelection are from zero to infinity. 

Well, counterintuitively, the probability of him losing his reelection campaign also looks slim if you consider the support from his rallies and social media followers.

Image Source: Voice of America


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