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Top 7 social media tips to help scale your business in 2021

Is your social media marketing strategy fatigued and failing to achieve results? 

You might answer yes if you have a generic, unfocused social media strategy to do the diligent task of super accelerating your lead generation and business conversion goals. 

So, what makes a striking social media strategy that hits the bull’s eye? 

There is more than one answer. But we have handpicked the following 7 vital social media tips to help you ace your strategy and scale your business in 2021. 

  1. Tell Your Motto

It is not always about what products or services you offer. Personify your brand and flaunt its personality. 

Tell your audience your story- what does your brand stand for and what value does it bring to their lives. Tell a story that connects with their experience and emotion.   

More than 40% of the online consumers use social media to better understand a product or a service before they make a purchase. Catch their eyes with an appealing story. 

Use hashtags to create powerful campaigns, videos of people sharing their experiences to create an impactful brand experience. 

  1. Know Your Customers

Not every social network is your best pal. Your favorite network is where your potential customers are. 

Understand who your ideal customers are. Use Google Analytics Demographics data to dive deep into their interests and online behavior. 

The information about age, gender, and interests available at zero cost is a valuable source of insights to create a social media marketing strategy that brings you results. 

Then you can delve into the details of social media analytics features to get more insights and optimize your strategy. 

  1. When, Where & What, Why, Who & How

The 5 Ws and 1 H principle is instrumental for any storytelling exercise. Do not flirt with the idea of posting any content, anywhere, anytime. 

Create a detailed content calendar that answers the following questions:

  • What content will engage my audience?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • Where are my potential customers in the world of social media?
  • When is my target audience active on social media?
  • Why should I engage them?
  • How do I measure success?

Adopt a data-driven methodology to answer all these questions before you start. 

  1. Leverage the magic of videos

Social media networks have become entertainment hubs where people use them as their destination to find delightful content during their spare time. 

More than 40% of internet users have agreed that their primary purpose of social media usage is entertainment. 

Blend in the power of videos to your social media marketing strategy to create unique, entertaining videos that position your brand and its message in an impactful manner. 

  1. Repurpose

Keep your social media strategy in mind before you create any content to make them social media-savvy.

Craft 3 different silver bullet social media copies for any content you create. Use the quotes, and statistics in your content to create social media copies. 

If it is not engaging, it is not creative

  1. Give value. Do not ask.

The goal is to build and nurture value-based relationships with your audience. 

Do not sell. Tell why your product or service is your customer’s best bet.  

  1. Experiment and Commitment

This is in fact the most essential of all the social media tips that you will ever receive. 

Be dedicated and commit yourself to the content calendar and your brand’s message. Experiment with A/B testing or split testing until you find conclusive evidence on what really works. 

Rome was not built overnight. It takes some time for your social media strategy to kick in and produce the best results. 

Break a leg and don’t forget to experiment!

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