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How the Shadows of Fascism Falls Unseen: The Dangers of Ignorance – Part 11

Racial purity is at the heart of Fascism. 

Hitler believed in a hierarchy: the founders, upholders and destroyers of civilization.

The Race Theory 

In the hierarchy, Aryans are the purest and highest form of human beings who have the potential to create civilization, scientific advancements and everything that helps life thrive. The less inferior Asians, and Caucasians have borrowed civilization from the Aryans and built their own versions of it. The lowest of the rung has the Jews. They are aliens who destroy civilization. Because they have something fundamentally wrong about what makes them at the very existential level. 

A Fascist believes that inferior masses exist only to serve the purest race. When the inferior race gains their rights and learns the trades of their masters, a Fascist believes, the will of nature is about to get broken. 

When subordination of the lower masses ends, and when the idea “everyone is equal” springs up, degeneration of the purest race is likely to happen as inter racial breeding will become commonplace. 

“Blood mixture and the resultant drop in the racial level is the sole cause of the dying of old cultures; for men do not perish as a result of lost wars; but by the loss of that force of resistance which is contained only in pure blood” – Hitler as quoted in the book The Mass Psychology of Fascism by Wilhelm Reich.

They also believe that the weaker masses are subjected to harsh living conditions by will of the nature so that their flourish is stunted. 

Blame Darwin?

Darwin’s Natural Selection and the Origin of Species were misinterpreted to suit the theories of Fascism. While Darwin’s theory postulated that behaviors that have the strongest impact for survival became more common among large masses over a period of time, it was misconstrued by the Fascist ideologies as “only the fittest will survive”. 

In adherence to this Race Theory, In Nazi Germany, Jews were dehumanized like the way African Americans were considered as Beasts in the US. LGBTQs are aliens too. 

In Nazi Germany, one component of the Nuremberg Laws, The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor, by law banned marriages or extra-marital affairs between Jews and Germans with pure Aryan blood. (How pseudo-scientific can a sentence be, right?)

In Indian Politics, something along similar lines to this German Statute has become mainstream. The Love Jihad, which claims Muslim Men are waging war against Hinduism by marrying Hindu women. Even though there is no law banning inter-religious marriages, the rhetoric has a high Fascist vibe to it. 

Fascists share love. If only..

The hatred for the designated inferior race translates to “They love their own people”. It’s a given fact that Aryans love Aryans. Isn’t it? 

No it is not.

A shocking revelation is that Fascists are not fond of their own ilk if they are disabled or if they are not sturdy enough to procreate stronger offsprings. Such disabilities will make their race weaker and prone to subordination by the inferior masses. 

Aktion T4 is the name of the mass-murder program in Nazi Germany where disabled people were subjected to involuntary euthanasia. 

Remember Donald Trump mocking the disability of a reporter? I can hear you say “Isn’t that a gross attribution of a specific incident with a complex ideology?” Not sure but there is an observable pattern on how right wing extremists talk about a certain group of people.

Something Fundamentally wrong?

So all these offenses done by Fascist followers make you think “Is there something fundamentally wrong with them?” The moment you stop asking this question you realize you just sounded like a Fascist. It’s a Fascist’s job to find DNA-level issues with the less privileged. 

When liberal ideas teach you to treat everyone with respect and dignity, does it include Fascists who don’t believe in equality?

And it is this paradoxical situation that makes the fight against Fascism harder. 

To be continued…

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