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From Within Democracy to Far right Fascism

The attack on democracy is from within. And a rule they have set for themselves is:The best defense is a good offense.

And their best defense is crass bullsh*t.  

Donald Trump’s endless interruptions shouting ‘Wrong’ during the debate while Hillary is talking is his best defense. When questioned about women’s murders in the Indian state of Manipur, the Minister of Children and Women Development responded with a crappy allegation against the opposition party member accusing him of a preposterous ‘flying kiss’. How obtuse can it get?

Such nincompoops have always existed even before the attack on democracy became evident. They have been in the hiding deep within the machineries of democracy as hecklers, waiting for the right time. Now that the time is ripe, it’s showing its true colors to the world – a classic spectacle of Fascism, with disdain for facts, truths, science and overtly displaying imbecilic behavior.

Their defense mechanism has become braver and stronger, and stupider. 
The blame is with the liberal democracy proponents for not, or being slow in identifying the signs early or a prognosis of the root cause ailment and what could those symptoms lead to. 
The dearth in political correctness is sudden. 

As traditional conservatives, inspired by Edmund Burke, the GOP party has stood for limited government control, protection of tradition and values, and importance of institutions. But when the Fascist in hiding came to the broad daylight, there was a huge rift between the party ideologies and its (agitated) member interests.

These agitated non-traditional, neo-Fascist conservatives want a totalitarian state where individual rights are limited, nation and its leader are sacrosanct than liberty and individualism, – all of the ideologies which was never embraced by Burke and the traditional conservatives.

In fact, Burke argued that a sudden radical change is not good and that’s precisely what is being orchestrated with imprudent, loony offensive statements and actions as a primary defense.

Even the traditional conservative GOP is being forced to shed its old skin of traditional beliefs and is pushed to fit into its new attire of Fascism, with no remorse. In other countries where Fascism is fast spreading like India, Turkey, Brazil, the traditional conservatives are being galvanized into far-right ideologies – with these overtly disturbing statements, behavior and violence.

Their hatred for the liberals is staggering and has literally translated to – “No matter what you say, we don’t trust you. No matter how absurd our beliefs are, as long as it opposes your ideology it’s our truth”. In their world, political correctness takes a back seat.

The traditional old heroes of the GOP party are shown contempt in gatherings. They are blamed for not standing up to the rights of their followers – a demand that will tear the existence of Democracy in America.

The party shaped by the Bushes, McCains, Cheneys are overpowered by Far right populist thinkers like Steve Bannon, Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson, Dinesh D’Souza, Charlie Kirk. 

Started as an anti-slavery party, the GOP focused on the business interests and economic progress of the country, faced challenges from the progressive factions within the party and came back to its conservative roots with the election of Reagan in the 1980s. The anticipation of a smaller government, reduced tax burden and a free market raised back during the Reagan era. 

The economic prosperity that happened hereafter including under the Democratic Presidents didn’t result in equal distribution of wealth. The middle-class white voters felt betrayed and their breach of trust by the establishment elites was taken advantage of by the far-right populist leaders like Trump and his faction of leaders. 

If it was Trump in the US, on the global stage, Bolsonaro (Brazil), Erdogan (Turkey), Modi (India), Viktor Orban (Hungary), Marine Le Pen (France), Pauline Hanson (Australia) are taking the right-wing Fascism ahead in their homelands. 

Even the largest democracy in the world couldn’t keep Fascism from emerging in its soil again. 

The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), the political wing of Sangh Parivar (Family of Organizations), promotes the Hindutva ideology (the term is different from Hinduism) in the political sphere. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the ideological parent of BJP believes in instilling culture and a nation-first value among all its citizens including the minorities.

They argue the Indian Constitution is for the bureaucrats but the Indian way of life “Dharma” should be accepted by every citizen. But does Dharma demand to be partial with certain communities of people?

The Hindu-nationalists have long accused their secular opposition, the Indian National Congress, for being lenient with the Indian minorities, especially Muslims. The nationalistic fervor in India is mainly driven by their motive to protect the Indian culture and values from Muslims.  

Islamophobia runs high in the Sangh Parivar that any offense (or inhuman crimes) committed against minorities, especially Muslims, is deemed not a crime. Rapists of a minority Muslim woman were welcomed with garlands. The lives of two minority women who were paraded nudely in the streets of Manipur are worthless. 

This sudden assault on democracy from within its own ranks needs to be stopped. Overt offenses should be given resolute counteractions. Because such cheap, irresponsible behavior is what is eroding the civility of the society and makes people herds of sheep blindly adhering themselves to these Fascist principles. 

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