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From Israel to India

#IndianMuslims is trending on X(formerly and better known as Twitter). BJP politicians in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu are unearthing the buried wounds of the 1998 Coimbatore blast to refresh the memory of the secular Indians about how dangerous and poisonous Muslims are.

All because their propaganda machinery is facing an uphill task of wielding the Hindu-Muslim divide to polarize Indians before they go to the polling booths in 2024 to elect the next Prime Minister of India.

The Hamas attack happened to be a blessing in disguise for the Indian Hindu fringe elements. They realize this is a great time to dust off their Islamophobic rhetoric and give it a fresh start by demonizing the Indian Muslim community.

Equating them with how Hamas is causing existential threat to the survival of Israel and why strongman leaders like Netanyahu and Modi are the only  options to lead the country. “The rules of the game have changed”, as the IDF Spokesman has said. This can’t be more true than anytime in history than in the Post-truth world.

From Israel to India, manipulation of facts on a large scale is the prevailing currency in politics. For the right-wing Fascist fringe elements in India, the State of Israel is a role model because of its rogue nature.

Their resolve to keep the Palestinian regions under siege and if required to demolish them fascinates the fringe Indian elements. All those fans of Israel are either illiterates or those who want to forget the truth conveniently to fit their divisive narrative.

From Israel

So what’s wrong with Palestinians and if it’s okay to ask – Israelis as well?

There are two ways to look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

First, it is not a complex one. The complexity was only invented. On a top level, it’s a plain and simple violation of International law by the rogue state, Israel. 

If you go to pre-history, everyone is an immigrant and everyone wants a piece of the Holy land.

There have been multiple conquests in the region from Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs.

Please remember, such metaphysical views are not allowed in geopolitics. The world is in need of views that make you belligerent and polarize the people around you. 

Second, if you dig deeper, the complexity reaches a level where there is no feasible solution that will come to your mind. 

For all the wrongdoings and persecution faced by the Jews, the British sympathized and decided to establish a Jewish state in the Palestine region, without consulting the inhabitants of the land. The British gained control of the region after defeating the Ottoman Empire, with the help of Arab Allies in World War I. With the Balfour Declaration, they decided to grant statehood for the Jewish population that fled Europe facing anti-Semitism. This was a historical mistake. The US supported creating a Jewish nation because it wanted to have its own democratic ally in the middle of Arab monarchs. 

Now, some factions in the Jewish state don’t want any outsiders, yes ironically, in their Holy land. The Likud Party led by Netanyahu is one such group. There are other factions in Israel that want a peaceful two-state solution. But let’s remember: The rules of the game have changed. Peace is for the weak. 

On the other hand, Palestinians don’t have a genuine leadership that reflects their interests. There are two groups among them as well. Hamas, an extremist organization that doesn’t want any outsider in the land. 

Historically, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which is recognized as the representative of the Palestinian people, officially endorsed a two-state solution in the late 1980s. Its leaders like Yasir Arafat have recognized the right of Israel to exist. 

Fatah, the dominant faction of the PLO that still supports a two-state solution.

The present day Gaza Strip is called an Open Prison in which movement of people and goods are heavily confined by Israeli troops along with Egyptian support. It has 2 million people. 

What’s the solution?

The answer is simple: Solution can be found if you truly seek it. Looking at the past and the present, the pursuit of a solution is only an eye-wash. 

Don’t fool yourself by saying “Given the number of factions on both the sides and their interests, isn’t it impossible to find a solution. So no one can offer a solution”

A day after the Hamas attack, Defense stocks in the US have skyrocketed. You got the drift?

Do you go to war by getting consent from every faction including the peace lovers? So why do you have to consult everyone for peace? In other words – Consent isn’t necessarily required from all parties involved in peace negotiations.

To India

The right wing Fascists of India should understand, either you learn the Israeli Palestinian conflict in its simplest or complicated form, this is an opportunity for you to learn geopolitics and not to sow hatred and divide India.

It’s already a dog fight there. We don’t need more teeth. 

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