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The Billionaires Who Back Donald Trump

A picture of Donald Trump with money Source: Choicagotribune

Although Donald Trump boasted his ability to self-fund his campaign, which was also one of the key selling points of his campaign, he never really did and was dependent on outsiders to fuel his campaign. His bombastic, heroic rhetoric were only half truths including his self-funding tale, as a good portion of the money got funneled back to his companies for their assistance in the campaign.

Now, as the Republican presidential nominee, he is after some fat moneyed donors and super PACs to challenge the Democratic nominee, likely Hillary Clinton. The most prominent conservative donors, the Koch brothers do not seem to have an intention to fund Trump’s campaign in his race to the White House. The Republican turned independent Michael R. Bloomberg has also decided to endorse Hillary over Trump in this election cycle.

But that doesn’t close the door for Trump. There are a handful of billionaires who have lined up to endorse Trump. A Washington Post report says that donors who are willing to endorse Trump are just puzzled about where to send the money, as there is no organized group to channelize the in-flow of cash. There had been no one to collect the money before. Below are the billionaires who back Donald Trump and wish to see him as the president, this coming November.

Carl Celian Icahn

One of the business adversaries of Trump, Icahn unsuccessfully tried to wrench the control of Trump Entertainment Resorts in 2009, when the company slid into bankruptcy. But in 2014, Icahn emerged victorious in his second attempt, to gain control of the same company that again went bankrupt. But the company still bears the name of Trump. Anyhow, Icahn in 2010 mounted his attacks on Donald Trump siding with the lawyers that argued the brand name Trump no more signifies business acumen and success. But the bitter relationship in business has transformed into a positive cordial bond, when it comes to politics.

Donald Trump hinted Icahn to be the Secretary of Treasury in 2015, which was later denied by the 80 year old Queens-born billionaire.

Sheldon Gary Adelson

The 18th richest man on Earth with a $28 billion fortune, Adelson is one of the aristocrats that showers the Republican party with dollar bills, who spent $98 millions in favor the Republicans in 2012. Earlier in May, Adelson had accepted to endorse Trump in his major run and planned to start a super-PAC to equip the Trump campaign with the financial firepower. He said that the CEO experience of that level is what is expected in a presidential candidate.

Despite his decision to support Trump with a whopping $100 million, he hasn’t started pushing money to Trump’s chests. According to Federal Election Commission reports, Adelson hasn’t offered any money to Trump but has spent only $18,300 to other candidates including Rubio, Bush, Cruz and Graham.

Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr.

The Holdenville-born energy tycoon is happy endorsing a businessman as the next president of the US, as he is tired of politicians being at the helm of affairs in Washington. The 87-year old was also a supporter of George W. Bush in 2004. The owner of Clean Energy Fuels Corporation, he has promoted alternative energy and given $500 million in donation to Oklahoma State University.

Peter Andreas Thiel

The German born American entrepreneur, also the co-founder of PayPal and one of the  Board of Directors at Facebook, Peter Thiel is a conservative libertarian and supports Republican candidates. After endorsing Ron Paul in 2007, he supported McCain’s candidacy for president in 2008. Again in 2016, initially being a backer of Carly Fiorina and donating $2 million to a super PAC in her support, he became one of the speakers at the final night of RNC supporting Donald Trump.

Daniel Andrew ‘Andy’ Beal

The banking businessman, number theorist and a poker player joined Carl Icahn in his courtroom battle against Trump regarding the Trump Entertainment Resorts in 2009. Now he has been in cordial terms with Trump endorsing him for president. He married an Estonian immigrant named Simona Beal in his second wedlock after bearing two children with his first wife. He is also betting big on oil, while the industry is facing the biggest slump ever in history.

Wilbur L. Ross

The American investor who blows fresh air into failed companies and make them thrive was a board member in the US- Russia Investment Fund under the presidency of Bill Clinton.

He says his reason for endorsing Trump is his approach to politics that is refreshing and the middle class and the lower middle class Americans haven’t got any benefit during the last 10 to 15 years of economic activity. In 2012, he funded Mitt Romney’s campaign.

Darwin Deason  

The Dallas businessman and his wife have donated to the Trump’s campaign through a super PAC that is otherwise called  ‘Defeat Crooked Hillary’. Before Trump emerged as the presidential candidate, Darwin had funded Rick Perry’s campaign and has donated $5 million, which he reportedly asked back, when Perry dropped out of the race.

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Image Courtesy: Chicagotribune


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