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Captagon: The Drug That Keeps The Conflict in Syria Awake

Captagon: The Drug That Keeps The Conflict in Syria Awake

What would it take for a conflict to continue for more than four years with days and nights spent fighting? If you think it is the ideological vehemence and religious fervor that drives them to fight for what they believe with all their faith, then you are making a gross mistake. The resolve these fighters resort to in order to stay awake and kill ferociously is something very much strictly prohibited by what they fight on behalf of – the Sharia law. Captagon, a form of amphetamine tablets prepared from synthetic stimulant fenethylline, is widely used by the fighters from both the sides to keep them going incessantly and inhumanly.

The drug that was found in the 60s to treat depression and hyperactivity was found to be addictive and hence banned in the 80s in many countries. But, the amphetamine tablet under the name Captagon is still a very popular drug in the Middle Eastern region and lesser known in the other parts of the world. Reports say that one-third of the Captagon supply goes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Even last month 2 tonnes of Captagon were seized at the Beirut airport that was supposed to be smuggled to Saudi Arabia along with the arrest of 5 Saudis including a prince. Drug trafficking is a $6.1 billion market in Saudi Arabia, reports say, despite the kingdom bestows harsh punishments of decapitation or hanging to death for smugglers.

Vox reports that it is quite common in armed forces including that of the United States to use Captagon like drugs

Syria has been a gateway to smuggle these drugs across from Europe, Lebanon and Turkey to the rest of the richer Arab region, especially Saudi Arabia. As the conflict has been erupting for nearly five years and with a broken governance, Syria has become a major producer of Captagon, as it can be easily prepared from legally available substances and can be sold at $20, a pill. This generates funds for the militias to buy weapons, war equipment and facilities.

When consumed, the drug gives a euphoric feeling, inhibits the need to sleep and eat, keeps the person tireless and makes him feel inhumanly powerful and ruthless. An ex- Syrian fighter tells the BBC that the commanders of the militias give these tablets to their fighters to keep them awake and feel arrogantly powerful to destroy the enemies mercilessly. He says that when you get the order to break into military barracks, the drug induces you to do it without any fear.

Captagon influences the fighters to stay awake and kill mercilessly

Captagon influences the fighters to stay awake and kill mercilessly [Pic: theguardian]

Laboratories of Captagon have started mushrooming in Syria, which was earlier a regional hub for smuggling weapons and antiquities. Not just the militia, but also the war-torn, depressed civilians of Syria have started using the drug, which is said to have very powerful side effects including brain damage. As Syria has become a popular destination for Captagon, production in some of the former hubs of the drug are seeing a major decline. Bekaa Valley in Lebanon has seen 90% slumber in the production of Captagon.

Between 2007 and 2009, 22 million Captagon tablets have been seized in Syria while being smuggled to other countries

Thus, the ongoing fight, by the bloodthirsty, politically driven warmongering eunuchs that has killed more than 250,000 people and has displaced more than 11 million holds no religious grounds to justify its brutal act of man slaughtering and violence. By wearing the mask of a religion, the war misuses the anger of civilians towards the west, especially the United States, for Bush Junior’s unjustified act of stepping into the Middle Eastern region, which have continued to destabilize ever since.

Drug trafficking around the world

Drug trafficking around the world [Pic: businessinsider]

The victims of the conflict are those who have a much stronger faith than those who create tension with incomplete faith, manipulating the core beliefs of a religion to kill more and more with every dawn. The cheap geopolitics of the imperial ruling power and the hypocrisy of the pseudo-religious forces have killed millions of innocent faiths and still continue their hunt asking for more lives. Neither of the sides fighting a gory war for nearly half a decade has understood or been taught the power of pure faith, but a synthetic substance that creates an illusion of supreme power. It is not in killing the highest power lies, but in the responsibility to save more lives with a selfless devotion.

If there is a force above all of us, if the true faith of a single soul that lost its life in this bloody conflict is much powerful than the collective faiths of all the sinful souls who have a misunderstanding about absolute faith, but a better understanding of mundane manipulations and power politics, there will be peace.

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