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Good and Bad Effects of Personal Branding

The term ‘personal brand’ is nothing new even roughly two decades back when there was no social media, as it was used way back in 1997 by Tom Peters who said, “We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be the head marketer of the brand called You”. This is considered as the first mention of the term ‘Personal branding’. The term sounds to have a lot of meaning then and was exclusive for the top brass people, as they had a lot of responsibility in carrying forward their own values along with the brands’ they represented as both were related in many ways. Any deterioration of their personal values will reflect very bad on their brands and hence it remained important for them to maintain a personal brand or in Tom Peters words, Me In...

3 Things that Haunt the Social Media

How innovative are we on social media? The way the new media works gives us an illusion that our cerebral processes are functioning beyond the extraordinary, as our works are liked and shared by people all over the social media platform. But the reality is, our innovation is not moving any forward, but is getting used to a monotonous fashion, which is liked by everyone across the globe. Businesses and social media have become so inseparable that whatever happening nowadays in the personal space-mostly- has a business pitch to it. Even though the social platforms are used as a means to store and retrieve personal memories, it is increasingly becoming a fact that there is a lot of inclination towards business and related monetization in the social media. Any startup or business has in its ma...

How True is the Existence of Race ?

The article contains some biblical references and scientific facts that need to be understood in its entirety and not in parts. There is no intention to hurt any sentiments here. Comments are welcomed in the corresponding section. There is a growing need to understand the notion of race as we react instinctively- causing serious damage to many lives and at times to properties and thus social harmony – on the basis of an unknown popular belief that the status of man has an hierarchy in the society since the origin of human life. How true is- what some of us believe- that race was born along with the first cluster of human beings on this earth? Do the morphological differences including color have any scientific proof to claim that certain sects of people are inferior or superior to ot...

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