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Campaign Contributions, & Democratic US Elections

The ideals of democracy are completely forgone in modern day elections, in which it is only the quantum of dollars that is spent on marketing and advertising campaigns that win elections for leaders, and not their personal ideologies and principles on how to run a country successfully. There were times in certain part of the world during which illiterate, penniless politicians have won elections without even running a campaign. Time has changed, and so are the ways people perceive their leaders. As Al-Gore terms it as ‘The Assault on Reason’, modern day inventions like television, mobile phones, and the internet are successful in making people perceive a virtual reality that doesn’t exist at all. As destined to bring progress to the society, these technologies are proving themselves anti-d...

Inequality: The Top 1% Rich Own More Than 50% of the Global Wealth

Often we forget that the world is created equal due to the disparity in the assets owned by people across the various strata of the society. There are super rich, rich, moderately rich, poor and the very poor. The following figures may sound atrocious.  By the new reports of Credit Suisse, the top 1% of rich people that is the super rich or the ultra-high-net-worth-individuals own more than 50% of the world’s wealth. And the bottom 50% of the people owns only one percent of the total global wealth. Earlier, Oxfam, an international community working against global poverty warned that in 2016 the top 1% would earn more wealth than the remaining 99%. But, it has already happened a year well before. That explains the seriousness of growing economic inequality. Back in 2007, the top 1% owned 40...

Islamophobia: History, Faith and Politics

When the fourteen-year-old Texas teenager Ahmed Mohamed got curious to impress his teacher with his engineering skills by showing the clock he designed in 20 minutes, the response he got was not a firm handshake and a pat on the back, but found his hands cuffed- behind the NASA tea-shirt he was wearing- after an hour and a half of interrogation that the circuit-board-clock looked like a ‘movie bomb’. The internet community went berserk on #IStandWithAhmed by holding analogue clocks to offer their support and showed their solidarity against Islamophobia, which as many believe to be a modern day concept post 9-11. History of Islamophobia Is a minor faction of the contemporary Islamic community and their grave barbarianism responsible for this growing fear and hatred against the entire Muslim...

Marijuana- Legalizing A Sacred Plant

Called as one of the five sacred plants in the Atharva Veda of Hindu mythology, marihuana (now known as marijuana) or cannabis is a passage through which certain people travel beyond the actual dimensions in the pursuit of self-realization and spiritual excellence. Putting aside its entheogenic usage, it has been claimed to be medically beneficial in treating diseases despite the fact its effects are not very obvious in today’s medical science. Again, cannabis has a long standing history of having treated ailments across many ancient civilizations. But in the present day, Cannabis sativa which has delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is said to have adverse effects on the brain and body of the user that can challenge the quality of everyday living in the longer term, both physically and psyc...

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