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Gun Laws in USA: A Legacy of Malevolence

Gun Laws in USA: A Legacy of Malevolence

For a few American politicians, it is the money that the gun laws bring to their pockets and the US economy that is more valuable than the number of lives lost. If you want to put a price tag on it, it equals 406,496 precious lives lost between 2001 and 2013 and still counting. Yet, there is no good time for an effective gun law in the world’s largest economy.

The gun and firearm industry generates revenue of $6 billion, creating 209750 jobs as per the reports in 2012. There are over 310 million firearms across the country including 86 million shotguns, according to the federal government in the same year.

Gun deaths in the States of USA

Gun deaths in the States of USA [Source: BusinessInsider]

These numbers suggest that as long as there are guns available in the hands of people, there will be an inundation of money in the banks and blood in the streets, of which the latter is the least bothered. Along with groceries, you may find guns for less than $200 in Walmarts. A democracy is not an institution that facilitates you to live better and hunt down lives, simultaneously.

Since Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in December 2012, there have been 1040 mass shootings in the US soil and 351 of them happened in the last 335 days. Politicians who call for lesser strict gun laws are those who proclaim their virtues as pro-life. Their actions and recommendations simply contradict what their ideals stand for.

“Half of the civilian guns in the world are owned in America” 

Making people believe that their lives are under threat has always worked for evil politics, and the gun problem in the United States is a direct result of this hideousness. This threat, made Obama administration, despite its efforts to impose stricter gun control laws, help the gun industry in selling more guns.

Cost of Gun deaths in USA

Cost of Gun deaths in USA [Source:]

The fear of stricter gun control lives made Americans buy more guns. During Obama’s first term, the FBI had conducted nearly 50 million background checks, twice as compared to the previous term of Bush Junior. There has been an 8.9 % annual growth in the firearms and ammunition industry since 2010, with 5753 businesses operating in the US.

Easy access of weapons will make it much easier for any religious fundamentalist under disguise to carry out attacks. The San Bernardino attackers were carrying legally acquired semi-automatic guns and had a stockpile of weapons and ammunition. Lesser strict gun control laws make it easy for extremist organizations and their supporters to get hold of weapons.

“Poor gun laws in the US fuels the bloodiest Mexican Drug Wars and the related firearm deaths” 

This is a very convenient situation for the heinous politicians to spread hatred and assists their propaganda of threat to civilized lives in a free society. In fact, this is the expected outcome by evil politics. Communism and religious extremism were used as a threat to win elections in the past.

When political ideologies lack positive, constructive efforts, fear becomes a good weapon of choice to distract and misguide people. This is exactly what, wicked powers in politics have successfully managed to do in the past, and their legacy of malevolence continues.

Gun deaths per 100K

Gun deaths per 100K [Source: Forbes]

This is not democracy, but a nefarious political institution under its disguise killing virtuous politics. Religious extremism and barbarianism are not desired because it kills people nor do poor gun control laws. Indeed, the latter facilitates the former in accomplishing its ill-spirited goals in the name of God.

Thus, those who support poor gun control measures, indirectly end up supporting these extremists whom they vow to exterminate for a safer and harmonious free society. But, what they do by not supporting strict gun control measures is breaking their promise to the people of having a free and fearless society. The irony is their rising popularity as the saviors of the society, while what they intend to bring to the society is utter destruction.

It doesn’t take deep analytical thinking to understand why wouldn’t someone support a ban on guns while they believe in the principles of a free and liberal society. It is conventional wisdom to understand that peace and prosperity are not in their interests, but only hatred. History has taught us this before.

Stern actions against guns are mandatory to protect the nation from violence that arises domestically and also from those disgraced souls in the foreign soil who think of exporting horror to a free society.

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