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Refugee Crisis Worldwide


The death of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi along the Turkish beach in an attempt to leave a war-torn Syria has made hearts heavy in the internet world. But, this is just another case of a refugee’s death among the millions.

United Nations High Commission for Refugees reports that the number of people that are migrating away due to war conditions has reached a maximum since the Second World War, and the figure stood at 60 million in 2014. This number equals the entire population of Italy being homeless or one out of every 122 people on this planet is a refugee. There are possibilities that this number is an underestimate as many lives might have gone missing unreported. Whatever may be the magnitude of this number, things don’t look promising as there are endless conflicts happening at every corner of this world.

Aylan Kurdi Found dead along a Turkish beach

Aylan Kurdi Found dead along a Turkish beach [Pic: Reuters]

Wars have left millions of people stranded away from their homeland or displaced within their countries and are forced to live without their families and whatever things they consider dear in their lives. But, this migration of masses are not seen very obviously as a horrific consequence of war, as it happens away from the boundaries of war field and doesn’t involve any destruction of lives at least to the governments that are involved in fighting each other, killing paid soldiers, but very strictly not civilians. But the truth is frightening; millions of civilians are killed and displaced throughout this political affair called war. What is lost to the displaced victims is what they deserve as a basic right to live with whatever they deem fit in their lives. But as long as the concept of war exists between nations along their boundaries, the right to existence continues to be at risk for civilians who are not in any way related to the conflict.

When someone leaves his home from a region of conflict to a safer land, he leaves behind all his belongings and properties, in search of a place where he can remain peaceful without any form of violence. Reaching such a destination can be so difficult as the region surrounding the epicenter of conflict would be destabilized, and there will be thousands of others who would have decided to flee. It is not just the poor people, but even the wealthy would decide to leave their lands for a better place, but they would be in a position to sustain themselves and their families, but not always. In Syria, a surgeon who owned three houses lives in a cardboard shelter along the streets. All his houses were blown away in airstrikes.

Yazidi refugees fleeing Iraq

Yazidi refugees fleeing Iraq [Pic: ibtimes]

The migration of refugees in search of safe havens is happening across every continent: in the Balkans, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe. Considered as the worst refugee crisis, Syrian Civil war has forced more than 4 million people to travel abroad, and 12 million Syrians have been displaced since the onset of the crisis in 2011. Many take an effort to cross the Mediterranean sea to land in Italy or Greece from the African coast. Out of which many had died.

Turkey tops the list of countries with the maximum number of refugees mainly due to the Syrian crisis, and it has decided to close two of its remaining Syrian borders to prevent more people pouring in. The number of people smuggling and conflicts are numerous. Our governments are more interested in their futile efforts to give home to refugees but least interested in understanding that their policies of aggression and wars are primarily responsible for these dire humanitarian disasters.

Syrian refugee Crisis

Syrian refugee Crisis- Some Numbers [Pic: Firstlook]

It is conventional wisdom that giving home to refugees will not solve the problem, as it hadn’t, because resources available to meet the needs of people moving in at a particular area would be meager. According to International Labor Organization, the unemployment rate at Jordan is maximum in those areas concentrated by refugees mainly from Iraq and Syria. People can survive together, but not in such a denser fashion.

Thus, it is a wise decision for the governments to avoid and put an end to all conflicts through diplomatic measures rather than seeking military means. All it takes is a political will

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