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active volcanoes in antarctica

Volcanoes in Antarctica, Fury of Fire Beneath the Ice

Ninety-eight percent of the frigid continent is covered by ice, which is almost on an average 1.1 miles thick. Despite the difficulties to study the ice floor of the continent, scientists have revealed something startling. If you think Antarctica is full of only ice, you may have to rethink. There is a lot of fire beneath the ice sheets of the continent. It is home to a number of extinct and active volcanoes. Recently, scientists discovered 91 new volcanoes in Antarctica, adding to the already identified 47 volcanoes. What worries the scientists is the amount of melting these volcanoes could cause, when they erupt. A few geologists from University of Edinburgh conducted the study. The analysis of the West Antarctic Rift System identified 178 cone like formations beneath the floor, out of w...

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