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air pollution

The 11 most polluted cities in the world

In 2015, 90% of the total world population breathed unhealthy air, according to State of Global Air 2017 report.  If you think it is only the low-income nations that are the hardest hit with polluted air, then you are wrong. 56% of the cities in high-income nations with a population of more than 100,000 residents do not meet the WHO air quality standards. In case of the low-income nations, the number increases to 98%. As the quality of air is dipping from worse to worst, very soon the ambient particulate matter would become the major cause of all deaths happening in the world. In 2015, ambient particulate matter was ranked fifth as the major cause of deaths only after high blood pressure, smoking, high fasting plasma glucose, and high total cholesterol. PM2.5 size particles in the air get ...

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