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Artificial Intelligence

The Top 5 Humanoid Robots In The World By 2017

Get ready to be blown away by machines! We are at the crossroads entering into the next era of human intelligence. Driven by self-less machines. Putting aside the debate and speculative criticisms, development of human-like robots using artificial intelligence is on a rise. Below are some of the top 5 humanoid robots that have been built in laboratories until 2017. Atlas Making its debut in 2013 at a competition conducted by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, ATLAS is capable of opening doors, balancing while walking on snow, navigating, avoiding terrains etc. Built by Alphabet’s company Boston Dynamics, Atlas was designed to perform disaster recovery operations in locations that are unsafe for human beings. The newer version of Atlas is completely mobile whereas the previous versi...

What Did Prof. Hawking Say on AI?

When the English physicist Stephen Hawking said in his interview that AI could spell the end of the human race, it stirred debates on the feasibility of his idea. It is not just Hawking, but Elon Musk, the Canadian American businessman and many others share the same thoughts, while denied by the proponents of artificial intelligence. The magnitude of the issues faced when artificial intelligence ends up in a catastrophe is beyond our comprehension. Simultaneously, how strong are the proponents’ claims? With a little understanding, it can be seen that their arguments can lead to the conclusion that Professor Hawking made. There are already a lot of hints that artificial intelligence will start revolutionizing our lives on a bigger scale in the next twenty years, as did industrial and mobile...

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