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Captagon: The Drug That Keeps The Conflict in Syria Awake

What would it take for a conflict to continue for more than four years with days and nights spent fighting? If you think it is the ideological vehemence and religious fervor that drives them to fight for what they believe with all their faith, then you are making a gross mistake. The resolve these fighters resort to in order to stay awake and kill ferociously is something very much strictly prohibited by what they fight on behalf of – the Sharia law. Captagon, a form of amphetamine tablets prepared from synthetic stimulant fenethylline, is widely used by the fighters from both the sides to keep them going incessantly and inhumanly. The drug that was found in the 60s to treat depression and hyperactivity was found to be addictive and hence banned in the 80s in many countries. But, the...

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