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Hillary’s Pneumonia & Trump’s Other Conspiracy Theories

A recent research suggests that when you have a lot of information about the world you live in and about its politics, but do not trust the politicians and the system they are in, you tend to end up endorsing conspiracy theories. That sounds perfect for the conservatives especially during the last 8 years after Obama became the first African-American president of the United States. Once he set his foot on the Oval Office, the conservative minds distrusting Obama administration started gathering too much information, and eventually became the breeding ground of many conspiracy theories. Now the latest among them is Hillary’s pneumonia and the reason the Republicans would love to cite is President Obama. Yes, if it is logical then it is not Republican. During an era in which technology is ta...

The Alt Right And The Donald Trump

In the past week, there has been a lot of buzz around the term ‘alt-right’, which has been existing in the lexicon since November 2008 when Paul Gottfried spoke the word, but as a fringe group ever since there was the idea of white supremacy. Many leading web portals including Wikipedia, and the Associated Press, do not attribute any given set of characteristics or ideologies to the alt-right group. But it is not so tough for a common man to perceive what it stands for, when the usage of the word on internet became so prevalent after Donald Trump and his campaign that all of a sudden started showing mercy towards African Americans. Alt-right is not what Donald Trump stands for. Alt-right is something worse than what Donald Trump stands for. Which also doesn’t mean that Donald Trump is not ...

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