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Islamic State

Religion and its history and culture of holy wars

How religions came into existence by killing thousands When Homo sapiens just grew better than their brethren- the other members of the ape superfamily- after gaining the cognitive ability to float their thoughts, they must have been either clueless in ignorance and awe-inspired by their sudden abode or shouldn’t have given much ponderance to the purpose of life, let alone mind their daily battle for survival. The latter sounds more plausible with an inherently chaotic species in the beginning and the former happened later in their journey in the form of religion. Contrary to the contemporary thought, religion is one of the most powerful institutions that allowed clueless Homo sapiens in the beginning to coordinate and form a society together in unity. Also, it is one of the foremost reaso...

What Is Islamic State? Who Created It?

ISIS, expanded as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is not any more ISIS, as it has grown bigger in its size and claims to be the authority of the Muslims worldwide, under its caliphate led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. As a bigger entity, it calls itself Islamic State, controlling over a 10 million people living under its regime spread across thousands of kilometres mainly in Iraq and Syria. [Body1AdHere] Many are trying to flee from the atrocities of the IS raising the number of refugees who cross borders, get killed while trying to passage through the oceans between borders, are blamed for the extremist attacks like the one that happened in Paris. The group doesn’t promote Islam as a faith; it attacks and kills the minority communities of Islam like the Yazidis in Iraq, making it one of t...

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