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Michelangelo: Liberating Angels In The Stones

Do you believe every human life born on this earth has an innate talent? May you believe it or not, this young boy had the potential to liberate the angels that he visualized on every piece of marble stone that he chiselled with his naturally deft and artistic pair of hands. Michelangelo Buonarroti took Lorenzo De Medici by surprise with his skilled sculpting as a young man, who later made the world turn around to him with his exquisite ability to transform mortified stones into immortal sculptures. He is a painter and a poet too. Medici employed this young man as a sculptor in his court offering five ducats as salary a month. He learnt classical sculpture there under the supervision of Bertoldo Di Giovanni, another well-known Italian sculptor. During this period, Michelangelo spent time w...

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