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Police Brutality: Are Killer Cops Racists?

Had the incidents at Ferguson and Staten Island and many before them not occurred, would anyone be talking about the police brutality and their malevolence in dealing with such abnormal situations? Probably not! In this article will try and analyze the possible implications of racism in police killings and the ways such incidents can be kept under control. As the two recent unfortunate incidents and their grand jury decisions have broken all hell loose, it certainly demands actions to prevent such circumstances arise in the future. There are two ways this issue can be carried forward with a positive outlook and dealt with. One is to get more insights about the events happening at such sites and the other -and the most preferred- to prevent such untoward loss of lives in such frivolous mann...

How True is the Existence of Race ?

The article contains some biblical references and scientific facts that need to be understood in its entirety and not in parts. There is no intention to hurt any sentiments here. Comments are welcomed in the corresponding section. There is a growing need to understand the notion of race as we react instinctively- causing serious damage to many lives and at times to properties and thus social harmony – on the basis of an unknown popular belief that the status of man has an hierarchy in the society since the origin of human life. How true is- what some of us believe- that race was born along with the first cluster of human beings on this earth? Do the morphological differences including color have any scientific proof to claim that certain sects of people are inferior or superior to ot...

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