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Peace in a battlefield – The Uncontacted Peoples on Earth

The first hint of human existence on earth appeared 4 million years ago in a total life span of 13.6 billion years, the age of the cosmos. Passing through various stages of evolution, until 2017, Donald Trump, colonization of Mars, connecting Elon Musk’s brain with a man-made machine, the emerging far-right are the new worries for humans, mostly to those who believe in a young-earth. Among all the crisis in a more chaotic everyday world, there are still vast swathes of land that are not inhabited by human innovation and hypocrisy. There exists a comfortable, ethereal peace in the middle of a battlefield, where lives are busy pursuing material and wealth in some places and the others filled with hues and cries pleading for lives. There are people – inhabiting this very same earth as y...

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