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Trump and the trade deals

According to his plan, to appear popular among an angry crowd with his populist ideologies, Trump had always argued against trade deals and claimed throughout his campaign that the middle class Americans are robbed by neo-liberal trade policies. He has termed NAFTA as the worst trade deal ever that takes American jobs away from their land and offers opportunities to sons of the foreign soil. He blames companies for shifting their manufacturing capabilities to foreign countries and sell the products back in the US. Despite the deal was initiated by George H.W. Bush, he accused the Clintons for the passage of the bill on January 1, 1994. His stand against trade deals either explains his ignorance about economics or makes him an hypocrite that does the talking while following none of what he ...

How Good Are Free Trade Agreements?

Trans Pacific Partnership has widely been seen as a flawed trade agreement citing various reasons including that it fails to raise the minimum wage and create new jobs but outsource them, puts the environment under threat by undermining the accords reached at the Paris conference and many other. The US presidential candidates have clearly reflected this thought by taking a stand against the deal, which is endorsed by the Obama administration that has turned things around since the Great Recession of 2008 that put in jeopardy, the entire world economy. The deal includes 12 countries in the Pacific Rim that contributes to 40% of the world’s GDP and one third of the global trade with 800 million people. It can be said that what is controversial is the concept of free trade long before anyone ...

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