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Can Telepathy Be The Next Thing on Facebook?

A man focusing to transfer thoughts through telepathy

The first communication between human beings happened 500,000 years ago, when they talked in sign or other illegible languages. The next big transformation happened when symbols were used almost 30,000 years ago to inform thoughts to another human system. Paintings and pictorial representations became some of the oldest forms of communication messages that our ancestors used to convey what they perceive in their neural networks to other such networks that decode and comprehend them. Eventually thereafter, texts and words were developed in every language each with their own script and style. All these happened over several hundreds of years.

Today, our communication systems have made meteoric progress that can connect people even with the inhabitable planets. The swifter mode of communication has brought the poles together nullifying the differences in space and time. Virtual reality offers altogether an experience in different dimension.

One step ahead, Mark Zuckerberg expressed his interest in telepathy, a means by which brains can communicate with each other through thin air without using any of the five known senses. He said that anybody can capture their thought and share with the rest of the world.

Any communication is initiated in the brain which is then transformed into an action through which the intended message of the communication is made to travel to the destination. Telepathy needs only the need to think with your brain real hard the message with a complete focus on developing an energetic coupling towards the recipient. Coined first by Frederic W. H. Meyers, telepathy has so far only been considered a metaphysical process with no concrete evidence suggesting the existence of this energy transfer and denied as pseudoscience by the scientific community. Many researchers argue it as not possible as thoughts are generated by various regions in the brain which are hard to track, interpret and map into signals that can be transferred to another brain for decoding.

But the Facebook founder believes this to be possible maybe in the coming distant decades if not in the very near future. A few brain studies are at the earlier stages of confirming this ethereal transmission of messages.

In fact there are a few real life events that demonstrate the possibility of the existence of such mystical powers. A twin brothers in Ohio, James Lewis and James Springer, who were adopted by different parents some weeks after their birth crossed lives after 39 years to find some eerie similarities in their lives. Both of them were named James by their adopted parents and both married two different women named Linda and then remarried to women named Betty. Both had sons and named them Alan, one James Alan Lewis and the other James Alan Springer. Both hated spelling in their schools but loved math and carpentry. Conventional wisdom could neglect these similarities as mere coincidences. But, there is something that can’t be taken about their lives without an exclamation. They could have had an emotional coupling that would have made them think similar and make some identical decisions in life. Yet, this argument can only be a hypothesis.

Need a proof backed by science? Dr. Alejandro Riera transferred a couple of messages ‘hola’ and ‘ciao’ from a city in the Indian city of Kerala with Dr. Michel Berg who was 4600 miles away at University of Strasbourg in Northeastern France, as reported by Daily Mail. The mental effort was so intense that it took over an hour to transfer these two words without using any of the five senses. But, this involved powerful computers and robots for the experiment to be successful, but were not used to send these messages physically across the continents.

Dr. Riera focused on his thoughts heavily wearing a EEG cap that converted his thoughts or impulses into binary codes  which were transmitted to France via email, but not to the recipient. It is only the encoded signal sent and not the message. The signals were picked up the occipital lobe of Dr. Berg and decoded as intended by the sender.

Dr. Berg says that they have proven that it is possible to send messages between brains through this experiment. “This is of course early days, but the discovery could eventually have a profound impact on civilization”, says Dr. Berg as quoted by Daily Mail. Communicating a couple of words over a period of an hour has still a long way.

But the impacts of this super ultra modern communication can be extremely counterproductive. This would have been a wonderful mode of communication, if this world is full of angels. What Zuckerberg should be really worried about are the demons. They are real too, in a world where telepathy becomes a part of reality.

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