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Review on ‘Innocence of Muslims’- Unlocking Faith

In an attempt to comprehend faith it seems that we take a roundabout to reach the desired destiny nevertheless we are lost in a limbo. Is the attempt being taken with logical sense of humanity and most importantly with dedication and true devotion to understand it?  Is it really that we are passionate about it or that we have forgotten the paramount importance of the harmonious survival of the human existence? Taking into consideration the current scenario of the human nature of politics, the virtual circle is dented or incomplete somewhere in its circumference.

Life is short; art is long. But the knocked human attribute of faith is jealous of the infinite art’s lifetime. We are a making a caricature of art in its purest form, forgoing the fact that the purpose of art is the successful accomplishment of the harmonious existence of mankind, which we are all obliged to. No true faith makes fun of the other because it understands that it is the elixir of existence. Such an understanding of faith is one common thing which we must share; the art of imagination must endorse the dissemination of such an understanding. In the very existence of survival, every one of us individually makes ourselves blind to this realm of truth.

The relationships of faith are at the verge of getting eroded away completely. There could be no war between faiths but only understanding, which is lacking to the extreme. The most impossible absurd truth is that we are beginning to write the end of our existence in the fight for saving faith. Predicting our end is completely unnecessary if our different schools of thoughts coalesce in the event of saving our existence. Saving faith cannot be our topic of discussion since we have the perfect wrong key with us not to unlock faith, but the very understanding of it.

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