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US Middle East Policy and the Poll


With the foreign policies of the United States are debated in course of its Presidential poll 2012, Iran’s decision – to attack U.S. military bases in Qatar, Bahrain and Afghanistan as a pre-emptive measure before Israel attacks it – has a lot of potential to decide the winner. The clash between Obama and Romney on Middle East Policies would also reflect in their first debate in Denver, this 3rd of October. The reason behind Obama’s decision to maintain a gap with Israel is may be to avoid another Middle East war which may become an International disaster. It is surprising why Mitt Romney, who accuses Obama as aggressive while dealing with Syria, is forceful in his efforts to engage the White House with Israel, for being aggressive against Iran.

 In an interview to the Iran Television Al Alam, an Iranian Commander made its tactics of a pre-emptive measure. He says Iran would attack the U.S. military bases in the three neighbouring states, because Israel cannot initiate military action against Iran without the support of the U.S. Obama has already made strict sanctions against the Iran Government and its Central bank, due to its misleading Nuclear program and failing to live up to the International economic obligations. Isn’t that a peaceful friendly move towards Israel?  

A first attack was expected from Israel but the absurd non initiative but pre-emptive move of Iran gets over the head and makes us to recollect the words of the President: “Knowing who is making decisions at any given time inside of Iran is tough”.  Or is it just a cynosure tactics added to the U.S. political gimmicks.

The imminent threat is not just the war but it being transformed into a cataclysm. This seems to be more than of a War on Religions. The nations involved may grow in number on either side, if the just pre-emptive measure of Iran prompts a war against Israel. It is easy to find reasons for a war, but the consequences faced by all the nations on the face of this Earth would be dreadful. Decision making liberty of any state should not put its subject in danger, as it goes for Iran as well.

The Middle East policy of avoiding any war can be an invincible strategy for the President to walk easily through the Poll 2012. 

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