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A Fishing Boat in the China Waters


The estimated billion barrels of Oil reserve hiding below the east China Seas is 213. The Nationalism sentiment of the Chinese people and hence their protests vehemence as a result of the acquisition of the disputed island by the Japan Government , to prevent the deal getting into the hands of the Nationalists of Japan through an online fundraiser, which was reprimanded by China. Anti-Chinese behaviours have started showing up among the Japanese. Amidst the growing furore, Taiwan has showed its interest in joining the party of the contestants.

Hilary Clinton, the Secretary of State played it safe by asking the South East Asian Countries to solve the dispute not by force. Japan and US joint drills are on their way in US territory Guam. China has also warned the US not to make its headlong to get in to the dispute through his allies like Philippines, as a 1960 treaty between Japan and US purports. Meanwhile, China has sent its Modern Liaoning Aircraft career to the formal service which would enhance the country’s Navy operations, saying that not keeping in mind the island dispute.

Chinese vice Foreign Minister told his Japanese counterpart that China will not tolerate any activity which checks their Sovereignty. The Anniversary of their diplomatic tie-ups was postponed by China making it more tensed. Even though both the Chinese and Japanese Guards at the disputed site assert themselves that they are very much in control, to avoid bloodshed, so does their governments believe, a petty fishing boat carrying Chinese fishermen may create a tension, is what both the countries feel, as Reuters called such Fishing Boats as Wild Cards in this case.

Our sense of reasoning and speculation asks us to decide, a death at the Waters is what required for a War. Instead of China monitoring just the Japanese and Taiwanese Guard ships, it could very well control its Fishermen from not entering into the waters which is claimed as Japanese. In spite the fact that Chinese ships stay within their boundary without any infringement, so is the Japanese, worrying a Fishing boat may become the cause for the military actions between the second and third largest economies of the world, sounds crazy. 

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