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Can The President Promise?


Under stiff International Politics, The U.N. in this session headed by Ban Ki Moon along with his colleagues did nothing substantial, or soothing to alleviate the Global tension mainly in between Israel and Iran, with no regrets from The President of U.S. who is busy in his election constitutional.

He prorogues in tossing the coin to gain a favour against his domestic challenger Mitt Romney and possibly from his people, for his next four years. He proposes his intention of peace until November 6 on the day his country elects its next President, whereas he admitted the fact that he dislikes peace between Iran and Israel in the long run. This pacifies Israel, who is expected to favour the Republican Candidate whose is perplexed with the figure of ‘47%’. There is transparency in the attempt of Israel who has decided to make it easy for the next President but insisting its short term goal with a Red Marker.

Obama is always favoured in the call of a toss. He forgets his sinking ship and thinks of the sea trade. By making it clear his disapproval of any ilk of militia between the disputed nations, he could have gained the trust of his people by making him an International Diplomat. Since the dispute involves the like-rivals of U.S., China, Russia, any kind of mishap could affect The Presidents Nation whose economy is slowing down in the recent past.

The dream which he is narrating to his people can be realized through International Co-operation, as the U.S. was the axis of Global Economy. It is a race among the stronger economies to change the gear to make itself the strongest.

This may make Obama trust deficit in the minds of American voters, as he missed his Chance in the U.N. Better late than never. Can The President Promise?

Image Source: CBS News

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