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Peace Prize and Prosperity


It is a pleasure to have the European Union, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, the home country of the award, which had some bad memories with the Union in its membership. The effort made by the Nobel Committee to ensure prosperity in the Union States is admirable; nevertheless there are a few murmurs about the European Union selection, which poses a question to a normal mind about Peace. Is it synonymous to Prosperity and can it be replaced with the synonymous word as an antonym of War?

The European Union did well from its inception by binding the continent together in terms of security and well-being. One failure was the Kosova in the Third Balkan war. The wars are over and now the turmoil is different.  Economic Crisis in European Union is a part of the International trade relations and the inter member state policies to comply with the Union statutes. The EU’s efforts in making prosperity within its boundary are huge and commendable. The World Bank, IMF and other International forums could assist the body with solutions, not $ 1.2 million.

Of course it is not the money, but the reputation and the assistance provided to millions of people, who have better living conditions than most other people of the Middle-east, say war hit Libya, Syria -the members of the Arab Parliament, again an Associate member of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and so is the European Union. It cannot be asked why the Middle Eastern countries are not considered for the Award, while the choice of the European Union can somewhere be questioned

This supports the grumbling voices behind the selection of the Nobel Committee. There is no lack of peace, but prosperity in the European Union. To be clear, there is no bloodshed. There are criticisms about the openness of the recipient selection and its retrospect.  The selection committee’s decision should do justice to the belief of the award.


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