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‘Diplomacy’ A misnomer by the President


Now, the foreign policy of Obama on Libya under Operation Odyssey Dawn is facing questions with the Benghazi attack which killed the US ambassador along with his three other men. The latest satellite information on a less doubted ‘CIA base’ makes the US mission to track other ways in the event of losing the identity of it’s, in it’s own term ‘safe house’. The US Security efforts in the Benghazi attack are accused to be weak, which is favoured by the testimonies of US officials requesting more security then.

This goes as a setback for the Obama administration facing this problem with its President runs for re-election on Nov 6. The Republican candidate, on the other hand questions the foreign policies of Obama administration, with having less idea about it acknowledged by the Republicans themselves.

The non-diplomatic Bush administration killed 6280 American soldiers in its War on terror   against Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama committed not to repeat the same mistake, done it partially naming it diplomacy in a coalesced International Military Operation with his commitment to the UN’s Security Council Resolution, 1973. This lessened the casualty of US men to around 2000, as the official records in the war casualties are vulnerable for mishandling, always.

May it be the figures of jobless claim report or the war casualty, there is a positive change, the pace being reduced by the mistakes done in the past. The Obama resolution on Libya is a misnomer for ‘Diplomacy’, but it was a penultimate state or pre-diplomacy. By saving American lives and killing lives by assisting, he cannot define Diplomacy.

Image Source: The Nation

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