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A letter to the PM


‘…Capital punishment being the maximum in the ‘rarest of rare rape cases’ and life imprisonment the minimum’

Madam Sonia has met the protesters outside her residence and promised rigorous punishment for the six men for their cruelty done to a 23 year old girl in a moving bus and her male friend, in an attempt to pacify the protests in the Capital city of India. A question arises whether the fight is for ‘Amanat’s’ justice alone or a number of  cases reported in every corner of this country. If the former, aren’t we seeking a permanent solution for the crime rate against women whose modesty was violated in Tripura, Mumbai, Tuticorin recently despite the nationwide protests held and if so how the injustice done to a three year toddler baby girl who was sedated and raped in a play school of Delhi justified? If yes there will be tear gas and water cannons raining frequently in the Raisina hill and is not what is intended.

The number of rape cases has been in a rise in the nation’s capital every year, with the country as per the U.N. rape statistics is one among the fewer nations with the reported rape cases in five digits (22172) along with Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S. – the statistics does not include unreported cases, is a point to be noted. Even the developed of the countries are facing troubles in their economy with a poor growth rate and so are us, with our women in grave danger whose welfare is essential for our race in the global arena.

We have faith in our judicial system as it is one of the pillars of our democracy in safeguarding the citizen’s rights. The tremendous growth in technology with mobile gadgets mushrooming in leaps and bounds, it is the need of the hour to ponder upon amendments in the punishments our law offers to the crimes against women, to prevent social unrests. Under the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 1983, minimum punishments for rape have been enhanced to 7 years and 10 years under S376 (1) and (2) and the maximum of life imprisonment. Capital punishment is imposed only on ‘the rarest of rare’ cases, as we as a country respect the values of a moral life.

With all respect to our country’s judiciary, making stricter legislations could effectively reduce the crime rates against women in a way amending the minimum and maximum punishments, Capital punishment being the maximum in the ‘rarest of rare rape cases’ and life imprisonment the minimum if proven without delay to offer justice to the victims, nevertheless the damage cannot be mended psychologically. In the matter of crime against women it is not better to have cure but prevention. More police vigilance, stipulating a strict closing hour for bars, pubs and other entertainment halls and monitoring the same as they violate what is currently in order.

Peace & Prayers for ‘Amanat’.

Image Source: The Daily Beast

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