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3 Things that Haunt the Social Media

How innovative are we on social media? The way the new media works gives us an illusion that our cerebral processes are functioning beyond the extraordinary, as our works are liked and shared by people all over the social media platform. But the reality is, our innovation is not moving any forward, but is getting used to a monotonous fashion, which is liked by everyone across the globe. 

Businesses and social media have become so inseparable that whatever happening nowadays in the personal space-mostly- has a business pitch to it. Even though the social platforms are used as a means to store and retrieve personal memories, it is increasingly becoming a fact that there is a lot of inclination towards business and related monetization in the social media.  

Any startup or business has in its marketing strategy, social media campaign ahead of everything else. Thus the perspective of seeing social media as a personal tool is being replaced with the idea of looking at it as a business tool. Soon, social media will become an exclusive avenue for businesses and will have nothing to do with personal stuffs.  

With this in mind, we will be analyzing what problems would social media face and pose to us in the future in the wake of this growing business trend. The following are the symptoms of few issues that may surface up in the coming days.

Our thoughts are search engine optimized

This can be the case with most of us, bloggers. While we contemplate to write on any topic, our ideas are not based on what we intend to inform people, but what they would like to hear from us.  For instance, there are many articles that say not to write on particular topics, as they are least searched by peeps online.

Are we underestimating our talent to inform people about any information they least like in the most interesting way?  

The reason why our thoughts are search engine optimized is the business perspective of the online space; social media and hence the online space -as already said- is a place where businesses happen, more than people connect between themselves.

We would write that gets the most shares, comments and likes, which in turn would promote our profile as a thought leader or what we do as a business. Becoming a thought leader on what others think great would bring down the quality of intelligentsia.   In other words, we try to suit ourselves to the demands of the online public without asking much about our own ‘self’.

Paid Social Media

Social media is also becoming a paid advertising channel where you get noticed by more people the more you pay. As many great startups are finding it difficult to balance their marketing budget, this would come as a blow for them. 

Any social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter would obviously do a better service to their paid customers than those who look for opportunities free of cost. This would  if not hinder, would delay the growth of many future brands in reaching their potential customers.    This can be an acceptable norm as it is better to learn and earn the hard way. But it does no justice to the people looking for quality services online, who get to see advertisements that are paid and hence is unfair.  

This form of paid advertising would have ill effects in the long run, when rich startups can dominate with the power of money.  Thus, it is good to have some other authentic criterion along with the money factor when it comes to paid advertising in social media.    (If you can remember there were services offered by many unknown companies who will get you 500 followers or likes for 5 bucks).

Lack of Vision

This is summing up both the previous issues, when combined or individually can harm the online space in the future leading to more complexities. Thus, the medium which is intended to unite people across the globe can become a matter of controversy, making things tougher to deal with.  This is a major problem because as of now only around 30% of the world population uses social media.

By the time, the remaining 70% comes on board, we would be facing a lot of cut throat competition in the social media market. It is very much necessary to streamline and chart out plans to keep the social media market regulated.  

As long as the competition remains healthy and fair, social media will continue to please and happily engage its users. This is high time to ask ourselves, if we are on the right track?

Image Source: bbc

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